Pancakes with Beyonce

Its pancake day with Beyoncé bitches!! Today I woke up and found out that Queen Bey released pre tickets for her concert and yes I got V.I.P Tickets… This means I get complimentary drinks, southern buffet food, after party access, good seats etc but I don’t want to brag LOL.  Did I spend a lot of money ? Hell yes but this Formation concert seems like its going to be a legendary concert I mean her formation music video was epic. She embraced her daughters afro, she loves her husbands big nose and she loves putting hot sauce in her purse LOL. Anyway its more of a deep video empowering black folk so I suggest you go watch it on YouTube. I must admit it was an impulse buy which is naughty but I will be blogging about the event with pictures, videos and hopefully i meet some rich folk in the V.I.P area LOL




I fell in love with pancakes in year 7 when my friend Sophie invited me to her house and her mum made me pancakes. After her mums delicious pancakes topped with lemon and sugar my addiction for sweet things began. Every year since I celebrated pancake day with homemade pancakes untill two years ago I over did it and ate over 20 pancakes because I watched Sabrina The Teenage Witch pancake episode and craved them so much I ate way to much and felt so sick. I promised myself I was done and then I found a restaurant two years later called Moose Coffee and they made perfect pancakes with ice cream, nutella, butter and syrup. All I have to say is look at the picture below all gone!!  for the price of FIVE POUNDS something…. Happy Pancake day







1 comment on “Pancakes with Beyonce

  1. shabba

    ha ha that was brilliant cant wait to see queen bee. oh and i love this post cant wait to see what else you got in store.


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