BAM Film Production Launch Party

Former Eastenders Star Bunmi Mojekwu launches her film production company a must read ...

There is a New film production company rising!

Former Eastenders star Bunmi Mojekwu decided to create her own independent film production company. On Wednesday the 10th of February 2016 she hosted a launch party in trendy Shorditch which I attended.  Whilst on Eastenders she attended university. Her strong work ethic and determination lead her to create, and develop a new company. In a compelling speech that captured all guests who attended, Mojekwu described the trials and tribulations she came to face. From being told, there was no market for such a company, to even wanting to host this event in the previous year and having it fall through. I know this feeling too well sometimes it’s just not in the cards for that moment however the cards never change. Mojekwu made it very clear that there needs to be a change in the way Black people are represented in British TV.

This is the start of something great…..(read more below picture)

DSC00085.JPGMe and Bunmi

I have to network ?? 😦

Have you ever felt so awkward just standing there looking at people thinking who looks approachable? what should I say? am I loser? are they gonna like me? Well I am that girl! I don’t do big crowds, I’m very shy in person and it takes me a while to warm up to people. So knowing this (solution) I brought my BFF, she is the type that loves to chat and she’s very funny and includes me in conversations so I can speed up my shy to confident process LOL. Before she had her two beers we didn’t know how to approach people and we made conversation with ourselves and just really got into the vibe of the event. I must say it had a humble atmosphere. No divas, No crazy person trying to get attention it was just really chilled. Anyway after her second beer we networked. She was making everyone laugh which is a good thing. Because from my perspective I’ve always been that person to enjoy watching a conversation rather than talking…I like to talk but when it’s about important things. I can’t do small talk….well I can but it’s just not my thing ??…. (Read more below picture)


Meeting people with similar goals makes you feel sain! I swear after graduation a lot of people settle into jobs, have kids or are in serious relationships and that great if that what you want but I want to be an actress and the money isn’t great in the beginning, it’s a constant hustle and ain’t no body got time for babies or engagements. I have a dream that needs to be fulfilled. Knowing that people believe in me is a bonus and knowing that people are trying to follow their dreams is a double bonus and that’s why it felt great to network with people with a similar interest and lifestyle as me. It honestly was a breath of fresh air and even though I feel alone sometimes I’m not alone. I didn’t see anyone as my competition but saw them as individuals. Nowadays all we do is compare ourselves with others and I don’t like that. Let us all be free!!

DSC00079.JPGCurrent Eastenders star Danny-Boy Hatchard

DSC00078.JPGUp and coming Photographers

DSC00090.JPGThe Event


For more details

Check out Bunmi Twitter for more updates @itsbunmimojekwu

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