Tragic Tuesdays

Tragic Tuesdays: Dear Sister, I don’t Recognise you

We've all had the one person we loved so much and they let us down. Short Poem

Dear Sister, I recognise you,
When I was younger I thought you were smart, witty and pretty.
I couldn’t imagine my life without you.
My talentless soul sought your approval,
When really all you wanted was my removal.
Yes we had arguments,
Yes they where petty but they would be over within in an hour or so
If I hadn’t seen you in long,
Best believe we would write a song and perform it until our hearts content.
Boys Boys Boys when all I wanted to do was play with my toys toys toys (Barbie)
We were the perfect pink porcelain portrait unbreakable
The grass was ever so green, you were never mean …

Dear Sister, you’re really busy,
I decided to make a decision for myself that you would find dizzy!
I knew you wouldn’t agree but I’m not a butterfly im a bee
and I’ll sting if you disagree, So I’ll see myself out of this conversation cause clearly I’m dizzy,
and your too busy to talk to me.

Dear Sister, I’m finding it hard to locate you,
A year passes and you decide to communicate
I guess I stung like a bee and you floated to the sea.
I recognise your face but I’m finding it hard to breathe.
The black paint that covers the wall, the spotlight that shines in my face,
The sharp shards from the perfect porcelain portrait plate reaches my throat.
I’m about to break down cause after all I was the Clown.
Was my childhood a lie ? As I sit and wonder why, my poker face hides my pain, as you smile in my face waiting for my demise.

Dear sister, I don’t recognise you,
Hypocrite is the word and I’ll never leave here unheard,
A conversation commences.
There may not be a crowd but I will look in your face proud!
As I look into your eyes, I laugh because I can see all the lies,
I know a secret that you don’t know and I’m not going to tell you,
There is forgiveness in my heart, i will say fuck this shit let’s just start………

As your opinion hasn’t changed and you haven’t made an effort I so kindly say:

“Dear sister I do not recognise you, I’ve never had a sister im obviously an only child, I just had a pretty face to boss me around in fact im better looking then you inside and out. I can forgive someone who is a hypocrite but what I will not accept is someone who is not willing to work on their apologies. You don’t say sorry and then not communicate. I have been a Fool and I am looking at your profile picture thinking.”

Dear Sister, I don’t recognise you .

Dear Sister


6 comments on “Tragic Tuesdays: Dear Sister, I don’t Recognise you

  1. Beautifully written, could totally feel what you were saying!


  2. So great written and deep!


  3. This was written so beautifully! These situations always sucks tbh :/

    <3: Jasmin N |


  4. Beautiful, but it seems like you have come out of that situation stronger and stronger. Even though this situations suck they also make us grow. Be strong. Much love,

    Ms. Chocolate B Hair


  5. awelderswife007

    This isn’t an easy situation, but thank goodness for words. I used to write similar things, but stopped after my mother found my journal and didn’t pick it back up again. Please don’t stop writing.


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