Fun Fact Friday: I love it when I call on Big Papa

For all my Pizza Lovers I introduce you to papa johns

Every friday night, the time is right, its enough to share or have by yourself.

A burger, A smoothie im never to choosie but pizza is always the best for my health.

Jalapenos are ripe but they spice up my life

so they taint most the food and they mess up my sight

mozzarella and mince calm it down just a bit

dip the crust in the garlic or i have a big fit

STUFF pan, STUFF italian, STUFF crust is legit

STUFF dominos cos that’s just  a hit or  a miss

Pizza hut was a legend but now its irrelevant

So it’s not even worth a sentence to diss

When I open the box sit down take a seat

I know if its papa im in for a treat

im in for a  treat its presented so neat

and oh I just love the way that’s it served

Apple,cherry with custard or pizza with mustard

Like Heinz 57 the choice is absurd

Savoury or sweet I can’t choose I wont lie

Im just that kind girl that’s likes to eat pie. 😉 .


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