Tragic Tuesdays

Tragic Tuesdays? More like Happy International Womens day

Today is the day we celebrate women from all walks of life. No matter what colour you are, no matter what disability you may have, no matter how much make up is plastered over your face, no matter if you’re tall, short, big, small, or if you have long hair or short hair. I salute you all.  No judgment Zone …

Now ladies can we just embrace how strong we are. Now I’m talking about that good old inner strength. That inner strength that is not seen by the naked the eye. I’m talking to my ladies that are beasts mentally, that strive for perfection and balance in such a hectic world. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and have fire in our souls.

Happy International Womens Day            No judgment zone

I salute the breadwinners

To the women that are head of their households, working hard to put food on the table and money in others pockets I salute you. There is a lot of struggle and a lot of strength in these types of women. They may not be mothers they could be daughters or aunties. Regardless these type of women our Queens. No matter if it’s stripping in a club or working 3 jobs. These women do what ever it takes to keep the water running and stomachs fed.

I Salute the physically strong woman

We often take our bodies for granted as humans but those I strongly salute the  women out there on working on their  diets, eating the  right thing, researching, working out at home or the gym. We have no idea of the physical strength we have but these ladies do. There determined hard-working and have tons of courage.  A strong body is sought for a strong mind.

I salute the shy woman

It’s not easy living in a world where confidence is attractive and shyness is deemed boring. But there is inner strength in a shy person. We see the world in a different way. I am a shy woman and it takes me a while to leave my shell but it okay to protect my heart and feelings. Its not easy to mingle with strangers and that’s ok. Over the years I’ve learnt that being shy is ok and when I do come out of my shell something beautiful happens. There is something beautiful about a woman who’s not willing to share all at the first glance.

I salute the sexy woman.

We live in a world that teaches us if you’re sexy you’re a slut or you’re a horrible person. I salute you for embracing your God given sexiness. People get confused and think women dress or feel sexy for men but it’s not true. Why is it hard to believe that as a woman it feels  good to feel sexy, to feel attractive and there is nothing wrong with embracing that. Sexiness doesn’t mean your tits are out. You could be covered and still be sexy, but we are women and we shouldn’t feel ashamed of who we are and how we express it.

I salute the tom boy woman

Not all tom boys are gay and not all gays are trying to be men. In a world that tells us if you’re masculine you’re a man. I salute you for being brave enough to be yourself and secure in yourself. It’s inspiring to see woman play rugby or football, its empowering to see a female mechanic so F**k the gender roles that say women should be like this BE yourself.

I salute the ambitious woman.

ambtious phoebe.gif
Dreams do come true. A woman with ambition is a strong woman. To have goals and to follow your dreams is amazing. There are many sleepless nights, hard decisions , tons of research to do, dead end jobs but as long as there is ambition there is hope. We all need hope.

I salute the dear to be different woman

Lets not stick to the status quo, Who cares about rules, Lets do our own thing! Women like this are  creative beings who takes control of their destiny. Gone with the wind type of souls, living life to the fullest type of souls. They are so  inspiring and truly are special.

Women are strong: We were built to give life, to be emotionally in tune with life, to be caring, to be sassy and sexy, to be powerful and all the of the above. So for once lets embrace being ourselves.

From one woman to another

Happy international womans day!!




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