Girl Gang Manchester Presents: Mean Girls Screening

Girl Gang Manchester is a female run event series for the community promoting creativity, collaboration, confidence and positivity, helping to inspire and support women to succeed in life,  work and society.
I came across them on twitter and I saw that they where hosting a Mean Girls screening event with everything themed from the movie. This included workshops, themed cocktails, movie screening, quiz and a spring fling party. I totally couldn’t resist the temptation to buy a ticket! so I did…..


Where is my tickets ??


I waited in high anticipation for my tickets after seeing that they where hand decorated. I was so excited and I needed to convince my friend that it would be a good event as she was hesitant. I brought my tickets on March 1st  I was pretty annoyed when I didn’t receive it after a few days. Girl Gang Manchester informed me that it would take a while as it was sent 2nd class. Anyway I didn’t receive it after 12days! but I was still able to attend the event.

The event


DSC00167The event started at 6:30pm however I didn’t arrive on time because I was unmotivated to attend because my ticket didn’t arrive. I got there fashionably late at 9pm LOL.  As I entered I was greeted with a goodie bag that contained a program of the events, a cd, a badge and a girl gang bracelet. The event was full of people, bright lights and different workshops. I was so excited and it was so girly. Me and my friend didn’t know where to start and then  I heard a voice from no where shout “Mean Girls Quiz”.  I couldn’t miss out on the epic quiz!. So I went to the quiz room and me and my friend absolutely failed and got 12 out of 24 questions. 😦

DSC00169When I entered the quiz room it was decorated so pretty and I was shocked to see so much people. Like I said we failed the quiz but it was a great feeling to hear whispers of wrong answers behind and infront of us LOL.
Next up was an introduction to the film they quoted the famous bits of the film and performed it. The picture below clearly shows how influential Regina George is LOL.


Epic Screening. I really enjoyed watching the film I brought a Beer for my friend and a Ginger beer for myself, stocked up on sweet popcorn and two chocolate cupcakes. The film was much more funnier when watching it with over 100 hundred people.


Now its time for the Spring Fling Ball!! I didnt stay untill 2am! but I got my white girl dance on and air guitared to Kelly Clarksons – Since you been gone!

DSC00205.JPGI really did enjoy this event and I’m looking forward to being apart or working with the girls for future events.  In the acting world we are not afraid to be silly and weird and the hosts of this event are really weird and down to earth in a good way. It was a very welcoming event and so much effort was put into capturing the atmosphere of the movie and making people feel welcomed.


You can find out more information about Girl Gang Manchester on their Twitter and Facebook profiles.



12 comments on “Girl Gang Manchester Presents: Mean Girls Screening

  1. Sounds like you have a lot of fun! Even though I don’t like Mean Girls movie, but the event was great! I bet you’re glad you didn’t miss it because of the invitation card!

    Gigi |¤ https://bmobshelldrawer.wordpress.com/


    • how comes you don’t like the mean girls movie. ive never heard such things before lol im genuinly curious?


      • Haha, honestly thought I watched few times.. Few years ago. It triggers unpleasant feelings for me, it’s stupid and I don’t understand it or understand why everyone loves it!! I like Lindsey Lohan and all her others movies, they were in my childhood. But I can’t stand this particularly!


  2. You definitely had some fun! I hope you’ll experience more of such great events in the future!


  3. Oh I wish they planned events like this here in Finland too! That would be so amazing.

    <3: Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy


  4. This looks so fun! I love this movie. I had no idea people put together things like this. Its AWESOME!


  5. maryamkabir

    That look like so much fun ! I didn’t even think that things like that exist lol!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Is this the original Mean Girls or the reunion?


  7. Sounds great! I love Mran Gorls so I would have definitely attended that


  8. That is quite cool, I want the hand made tickets!!!


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