Tragic Tuesdays

Tragic Tuesdays: When is the right time ruin a relationship ??

When is the right time to ruin a relationship?

I have this friend who is running low on self-confidence. She fancies this hot pale skin athletic guy who’s currently in a relationship. The world is telling her to slap some make up on, push her bra up, take a breath mint and embrace her inner Carmen Jones. Afterall there is nothing wrong with taking a guy out of his happy relationship is there..


Well if you really think I agree with that sort of behaviour you’re wrong! However  preparing for a future with a man you fancy isn’t so bad ?
My friend tells me this guy constantly complains about his girlfriend and how annoying she is. In my head I’m thinking what sort of guy constantly complains about how shitty his girlfriend is to his client. Is she a therapist?  No. Although Carmen Jones would have seen  this as an opportunity to use his relationship issues as a chance to pounce on him. My friend has more respect for herself and just listens to him rant.

Carmen Jones was a sexy, witty, selfish person that knew she was sexy, knew she could get what she wanted if she tried. She was loyal and dedicated to her dream. She used her sexuality and God-given curves to seduce one in particular. I hate that as females we are judged if we make the first move but I believe making the first move shows confidence and power. Rejection is scary and may take a blow on your self-esteem but it will make you stronger.

My friend just innocently crushed on this guy however she wasnt being her self at all. She knew everything about him without even talking to him. Confused ?

Well she used the glorious internet to stalk him she knew everything about him. I’m not judging her at all because the internet is an addictive place and you have to be sure of someone but in person the conversations were not flowing. She couldn’t even invite him out on a friendly date to just get to know him. I told her to meet with him and just have a normal conversation as friends maybe at a coffee shop. Her response was “his gonna expect sex after the coffee shop because of the saying.”

It’s been a few months and she still sees him every week, there totally fucking LOL I’m kidding they work together in different departments and she’s using his good looks to motivate her from quitting her job

So how to caught him ? here’s my advice.

Step One: Ask him what type of qualities did he like in his girlfriend.
Step Two: Ask if he can try and bring the spark back into their relationship.
These two steps are important because you’ll find out what type of person is he by what he is attracted to. You will find out if he can bring the spark back and you will find out if his truly over his girlfriend.
If he is over his girlfriend its your turn to push up that bra, slap some make up on take a mint and begin with an innocent lunch date and build it up!!!
However if he is still interested in his girlfriend you’ve been the honest friend to help him through his struggle and he will always remember you. Now its time to move on and ask him if his got any friends!!
So to answer the question, When is the right time to ruin a relationship? I would say that the right time to ruin a relationship is when you find a rock in a hard place.


To find out what happened next tune to next weeks Tragic Tuesday.

6 comments on “Tragic Tuesdays: When is the right time ruin a relationship ??

  1. I have to disagree with you there, there is no right time to ruin any relationship! If he really wanted to walk away from he’s bitch of an girlfriend he would of walked away he doesn’t need to find another girl and then leave he’s girlfriend for this brand new polished chick. Besides what about the girlfriend, she will eventually end up in a messy situation wher she will no longer trust a guy because this girl decided to be selfish and capture this guy! Another thing if he’s able to ditch he’s girlfriend no matter the situation how do you know he won’t ditch he’s brand new ferrai (new chick)


  2. Even tho you friend could break them up, without his knowing about it, I don’t know if she would end up with him after that.
    i don’t think it’s okay to break a relationship, because everything is easily fixed with work and commitment, but if it really is over that break up should come to couple themselves, with out any third wheels.

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    • this is true …just to challenge your judgement there are girls out there that will break up relationships as a guy what do u think he should do to avoid this situation ?


  3. whatever one does it makes sense to remember that what goes around comes around…


  4. I don’t know what to comment here, because this is way too close to me, and I was the girlfriend, so I don’t know.


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