Good Friday: Refresh your face

My sexy, flawless, melanin filled skin is 80%  genetics (thanks Mum and Dad) and 20% pamper galore. But like you I have those days when my face feels horrible. I breakout because of stress or naturally when it’s “that time of the month”. Just being in a different environment can have an effect on my skin.  As an actress, appearance is everything and I want to feel confident without putting a bunch of make up on to hide my imperfections. So these are the essentials I use to perfect my skin.

Water: I notice my skin feels like crap when I drink fizzy drinks, I totally break out and feel bloated and sick. However when I drink water constantly in the morning, afternoon and evening for a week straight. I feel like a brand new woman “yassss” and my skin clears up. After a while you’ll get use to it and drop fizzy drinks completly and thats co signed by my BFF and I.

Exfoliation: To all you dry skin folks, I cannot stress enough how important it is to exfoliate your skin.This step is critical as it gets rid of dead skin cells and prevents the cream from just laying on top of your skin. My best friend introduced me to this lol. Whenever I would cream my face, my nose would get dry especially between my eye brows and nose. But then my BFF washed my face (yes she washed my face) exfoliated my nose area and between my eyebrows. She patted my face lightly with a towel and then added cream to my face. My nose felt like a babies bum NO JOKE I was like “yassssss”.

WARNING: In order for this to work you need to:

  • Ensure that once you wash your face pat it softly with a towel straight away! if you leave it too long your skin will dry up. If you don’t pat it softly, your skin will dry up.
  • After you dab it with the towel put cream on your face straight away!! if you don’t your skin will dry up and will not have the baby bum affect, trust me. (I tend to use a thick cream similar to vaseline. Lotions do not work for me.)

Simple facial Toner and foaming cleanser: I love simple because it has no artificial perfume or colours, it contains vitamins and skin loving ingredients. I use these products for my night-time routine. I brush my teeth, tone my face and use the cleanser. I prefer to use it at night time because my face has been out all day and its nice to see the bacteria come off before I go to bed. It makes me feel refreshed and it takes the dirt of my skin.

Lush Catastrophe cosmetic facemask: This is suitable for sensitive skin and break outs. I use this twice a week and I love it. It contains blueberries and other stuff. My gosh the smell is so heavenly. Before you put it on your face it smells like sweets but once its on, it smells less edible and just like a layer of good sweet something?? I’m normally good at describing things but I can’t describe the smell, it’s so good though and your left with soft skin. I love it!!

Pillow Cases: Change your pillow case often. If it falls on the floor change it, If you let some one sleep on your pillow case change it, if you dribble on your pillow case change it. Pillow cases can form a lot of bacteria so why would you wanna keep putting your beautiful face on it. I change mine twice a week.

Make up tip: Good Skin leads to flawless make up.


MY BFF flawless face no make up



If you would like me to go into more detail about the right products for different types of skin and what the best creams to use are let me know.

Happy Easter!

1 comment on “Good Friday: Refresh your face

  1. Lol to “Baby bum effect”. Thanks for the tips. I will try that mask and simple toner. Great beauty post! I exfoliate or wash my face everyday before bed. It really helps! 🙂



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