Tragic Tuesdays

Tragic Tuesdays: 5 reasons you will fail as an actor ?? huh

I just read this article Five Awful Things Nobody Tells You About Being an Actor.

  1. You aren’t building a real skill
  2. Most roles have nothing to do with Acting
  3. You will never be considered for roles that require acting
  4. Your faith will be exploited
  5. You wont make enough money to live on

This is full of so much negativity and for a split half a second I got sad and then I came to the realistic realisation that in life everything is hard and not every job is perfect for that person. I see people working at jobs they hate just to make money or because they don’t believe they can excel in their passions!

If you are an actress and you believed those five statements above then maybe acting is not for you. Acting is a mental game and you have to be prepared for all the negativity the industry throws at you. You should not start doubting your talent based on silly statements. Acting in movies and T.V maybe seen as glamorous and easy but it still is a job and people who work in other fields would never go into an interview or a career path thinking that those 5 facts are true!

Answers to them 5 questions. You should answer them aswell!

1) I did a diploma in performing arts and the skills I learnt was confidence, how to really work in a team, how to engage an audience and many more. The greatest thing about skills is that you can adapt your skills to any perfect moment. If i can engage an audience it means I have the power to engage anyone in any situation from any occupation.

2) All roles have something to do with acting because your playing a character. Some roles may not require advance acting but If there is a camera, lights and director  then your acting.  Unless its porn but that’s debatable.

3) Stupid

4) God has a plan for everyone. It’s really up the individual and how strong their faith is. I have a strong backbone. I’m not going to do nude scenes in the beginning stages of my career FACT. I’m not going in films that bash God My decision.

5) Vin Disel a sexy ethnic BLACK man got paid 47 million last year for his role in FF7. Also their are actors on daily soaps with a contract that pays there bills. So if you have no money to live on then maybe you should think strategically on how to earn money in a different ways.

Anyway end of rant. I aspire to be great and these stupid things only put down weak individuals and encourage parents, friends and siblings to tell their child, friend or sibling that they’re not good enough for this industry.


Follow your dreams and believe in yourself.


2 comments on “Tragic Tuesdays: 5 reasons you will fail as an actor ?? huh

  1. Wow, negativity at its finest! I’m glad you didn’t allow it to influence you and that you shared with us your answers to those points. I wonder perhaps if the writer of that article is someone who had tried to break into the industry without any luck and thus leading to their negative (borderline bitter) attitude that formed those points? What do you reckon?

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    • hmm i never thought about it like that. The article goes into depth about how much you will fail and they write it in a way that seems very believable I didn’t want to mention it too much on my blog because i didn’t want to lose focus. But what they have done is used the stigmas based around the entertainment industry and said a majority of people are broke etc etc. With no real solutions and that’s the thing in life there are levels some people cant live on minium wage some acting jobs may pay minium wage but you have to work harder and go up a level you know what i mean ?


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