Sally Hansen Nail Polish

Finally I have found the perfect nail polish that lasts long, looks great on my brown skin and looks great on my natural long nails. It’s the Sally Hansen 3n1 complete salon manicure in colour 230 Nude Now. Pricing at £5.99

A Day in the life of Keisha…..

I was feeling in a girly mood and nothing more says girly than pink nail polish however I still wanted to stay on trend and find a neutral nude pink  that complemented my nails and skin colour. I decided to go to superdrug and make an impulse purchase meaning I wasn’t leaving the shop until I purchased a nail polish. I looked through the cheaper brands and did a little testing on my nails whilst the cameras weren’t looking and I just couldn’t find the right colour so I headed over to the more expensive brands like Sally Hansen and then I saw her the cutest pink in the world (Nude Now 230). I  tried to open the bottle so I could test what the pink looked like and it wouldn’t open it was a stiff as a c**k? LOL and being the impulsive buyer I am I brought it!

Dear Brown skin girls this colour is so beautiful and perfect for special occasions like weddings or a dinner date! I actually think it will suit every skin tone. To perfect this look on your natural nails make sure you file your nails, clean your nail beds and proceed to paint your nails!


Add some pearls, perfume and pretty hair clips.

Caution: It takes a while to dry so once you do the first layer wait abit and then apply two more coats!

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