Branded Lab: Fashion Events

Branded Lab PR is a Manchester based PR agency specialising in Fashion PR.  On Tuesday 12th of April they had a showcase to launch their latest collections with food, cocktails, MUA (make-up artist) and clothes! So I could not miss the opportunity to mingle with other bloggers, eat and check out there fashion collections. They also had a competition to style the best outfit.

As a new blogger I was really nervous to attend the event because I didn’t know what to expect but that  all went quickly away. As I entered the downstairs room of the trendy Revolution De Cuba  restaurant, I was greeted by one of the branded lab staff. She gave me a goodie bag and showed me where to get a rum and coke. We then had a girly conversation about the what we do and the event itself. DSC00344.JPG

On the rails they had clothes and purses by  different fashion brands just to name a few Llunaa fashion, Be Jealous clothing,  Koko couture and many more.  Some brands where specifically denim wear which was wasnt really my style. The best fashion rail that stood out to me and that I could identify most with was the beautiful…

Llunaa Fashion.

Luna.jpgThis brand called out to me because I have a passion for skater  dresses. It fits tight and the waist creates an elegant fit perfect my body shape!! The dresses where heavy-duty which means they where good quality. The vanilla coloured dresses  with  patterned material felt luscious to touch and the pink high wasted puffy skirt was my favourite and I had the perfect bralette at home to match it with! I decided to check out Lluna’s “about me” page on their site.

“Llunaa is a unique contemporary brand which designs feminine luxurious clothing. Dedicated to the art of feminine draping, innovative design. This has always been the forefront of our philosophy. Everything we create is merging traditional methods with new technique and innovative fabrics”.

Back to the event I met  Natasha Yasmin a new MUA with great advice on how to blend your make up! She had a vibrant personality and was willing to give me tips. I had the opportunity for her to do my make up but I was already looking beat that day. Her face was flawless.  She is based in Liverpool area but willing to travel to other cities!

Check her out on

Make up.jpg

The event turnout was very small to my surprise but this was good for me because I was able to be confident and get to know the other Manchester bloggers. The event ended at 9pm however there was no formal goodbye and the event seemed to dye down by 8:30pm??


Thank you Branded Lab for the event and goodie bag


2 comments on “Branded Lab: Fashion Events

  1. Sounds like an event I would have enjoyed. Thanks for sharing your experience and aren’t you lucky, -the goody bag sure looks GOOD!! Ha! Please be careful with the teatox. I’ve heard bad reviews about it. Read before consuming. Ha!!
    Maybe you can also share on the BBB Facebook group page whenever there’s an event like this. I would love to attend events like this. If you don’t mind ofcos. Have a good day! 🙂

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