Pens, Pads & post it notes

Pens, Pads & Post it notes. 

As an actress and blogger I would be a total mess without my Pens, Pads and post it notes.  So I’ve decided to let you in on how a creative person like me stays organised and on time. 

  • I was never that girl in school to write her homework due date in a diary.
  • I was never that girl in school who actually got their mum to sign their weekly planner.
  • I was never that girl to do her homework as soon as she got home.

To whomever “that girl” is congratulations you must be living the perfect synchronized lifestyle however some of us folks love to live on the edge and forge parents signatures, and watch some Tracy Beaker and get on with life.

I don’t believe I can plan my life but I do think I can schedule it. Late 2015 I decided to buy myself a white board calendar, Wonita Christine note pad, pen and post it notes. I brought a white board calender so I could actively use it everyday and amend it when needed. I brought myself post it notes to add a pop of colour to the white board and use it to colour code my life. I used the pink notes as a code for all my acting events and yellow notes for my health appointments. These are very handy because once everything has been set up for the month I can fit my errands around the forthcoming events.  Finally my personalised notepad is for me to make a checklist of what errands needs be done. I prioritise the more important things and everything else will just fit in.

Recent update April 2016:

My whiteboard calender broke a while back and ever since then I’ve been trying to remember dates and events by constantly checking my email and the date on my laptop. Which makes me feel uneasy throughout the day. Pens, Pads and Post it notes really helped me stay organised not only that but it is a very rewarding process. I say this because as an actor/blogger it is very easy to feel like your not doing enough with your career. But when I used my white board caleneder I was able to reflect on what I did that month and I was really proud of myself.  In fact I’m going to buy my new caleneder next week and keep you guys updated.

Other methods:

There are different ways to stay organised I just prefer my way because I am a creative indivual that like to see colour and touch things :). What are some of your ways to stay organised ???






4 comments on “Pens, Pads & post it notes

  1. Tracey Beaker! That pretty much sums up my childhood!

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  2. I’ve so many notebooks and post its. I should work at Paperchase for the discount!

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