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Be Inspired: Gabriella Calderone| The Stunt Actress

Be inspired by Gabriella Calderone. (Quick Read)

In life it’s important to take risks especially when it comes to your career path. Many families want the best for their children, they hope that their children will aspire to be great in any field. However when it comes to the entertainment industry being in front of the camera isn’t the most appealing route to take. Even though Gabriella loved acting her parents where worried about her choice in career because they did not have much knowledge on the industry. She decided to attend  to college which made her unhappy so she decided to take big step and pursue her career going against what everyone said. Gabriella believes that it was the best decision she had ever made!

I featured Gabriella because we have the same career path. We both have blogs where we give advice on acting and its refreshing to support someone who is actively training to be a stunt woman. Being inspired is so important because it brings out the best in us. You have control of your destiny so take a leap of faith, educate yourself and all will fall in place.

Me: What inspired you to be a stunt woman?

Gabriella: I have a black belt 1st in Tae Kwon-Do and I’ve always wanted to combine that with my acting. Like any industry, you have quiet periods and I didn’t have much work on so I kept on thinking about how I could create work. I work part-time for my family, a stunt man came in and we got talking about the films he had done. It was a light bulb moment because I realised that I could use my martial arts skills for my acting and it would give me an advantage. So I started training last year and I’ve still got a long way to go!


Me: Do you believe there is much competition in the stunt industry?

Gabriella: I think there is competition in any industry to be honest. I haven’t seen it yet in the stunt industry because I’m still training but when I pass I’ll really know. I think with any competition you need to go a little further and make yourself different. So with my acting I’m training to do stunt work so that I stand out, I’m an actress so hopefully that will work to my advantage.

Me: How do you balance aspects of your life that you describe in your blog?

Gabriella: Planning is essential, I will make sure I allocate time for taking photographs and writing my blog but this has to fit around my training, acting and my part-time job, so this is usually done late at night. I don’t have an acting agent either so I find my own work, for example the other day I had to wait for an appointment and I was sat there searching for jobs. Every minute counts! It can get very hectic and sometimes too much but luckily I’ve got a realistic attitude to everything. You also have to stay positive and believe in yourself because that sense of confidence makes you feel that you can achieve anything.

To follow Gabriellas journey check out her blog

Watch Gabriella in a short film dedicated to the importance of self-defense.



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