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Finding the gem

Two lovers tied together at the bottom of a ditch

Who would have thought the woman who you loved was a witch,

As two souls combine, the rest align themselves ready for the decline.

The two souls shield their one heart, protecting it from poison of others.

When weakness strikes, no one holds back as the empress orders everyone to fight.

In complete turmoil, the two souls decide to bury their heart inside a gem.

The freakish encouragement to fail, was led by her tail.

Her tail was led by her tales which deceived generations.

The empress of the underworld rose and used her sharp nails to pierce an uncontrollable lethal liquid into one of their souls.

Forever combined the girls will never know, as they go on their journey to find their gem.



Just a quick poem please share with me your thoughts on how you interpreted this.






4 comments on “Finding the gem

  1. This was actually really lovely. I remember reading a poem you did before on here I think and it was good. Keep it up 🙂

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  2. this is amazing di you write this?


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