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Summer the Season of Sexy. Part 1

Summer is the season of sexy and after last weeks heat wave in London Town I decided that it’s time to embrace the sexy side! For all my readers i’m going to inform you on how I’m going to embrace my inner sexy this summer and hopefully these tips will help you. It’s about the small changes you make to your life that can last a life time. I’ve seen a lot of my friends on snapchat working out in the gym which I find amazing  but personally im not bothered to get a gym membership and the thought of a diet is not sexy. So here is a list of small changes i’m making this summer to feel sexy.

Evening Hair SexyHairFor the majestic summer nights out in the city, I’ve decided to sport a long black wig with red highlights. Which I will only wear on nights out, evening meals or a sexy date. The reason for this is because I feel like a new hairstyle always brings out a new persona in people and there is nothing sexier than long flowing hair and a girl who knows how to work it at night-time. It gives me the confidence I need and its even cut very well. I don’t want to wear this in the day time because I prefer my own hair or a short hairstyle besides who has time to be super hot with hair all over their face.

Girl Chat Datessylvia.jpgIt’s so important that you make time for your friends in the summer and I don’t mean huge dinner dates with ten friends. I mean make time for one or two of friends and get intimate ladies lol. Grab a long lunch or a long dessert and catch up on old times, new times and enjoy each others company. There’s nothing sexier than two/three hot girls laughing and smiling at a restaurant because they’re  positive, look good and enjoy each others company.

Get a picture takenCelfie.jpgI said get a picture taken not take a selfie! Selfies are selfish we become vain and block the world out. Yes selfies are amazing because we all know are best angles. But its time to get social. News flash being social is sexy,  this summer ask a family member, a friend or even a stranger to take a picture of you. This way you can be sociable and laugh at how bad you photograph. Go to the park ask an attractive stranger to take a picture of you and get bonding. You never know what summer romance might be introduced to you.

Travel the country Travel.jpgA majority of my readers are from England so I say travel the country. Save up to buy a ticket on a virgin train or any train and see different cities, go to the beach, check out historical places around england. Is this sexy ?? probably not but education is powerful There’s nothing sexier than being well educated. So educate yourself and travel the country. To be sexy, be knowledgable and discover new things. Even if it doesn’t all go to plan, atleast by the time winter approaches, you’ve had an amazing summer story to tell.


Yes dolls Summer is the season to be sexy, so start writing a list in your note pad on the things your going to do!

See you in part 2

15 comments on “Summer the Season of Sexy. Part 1

  1. Great read! It feels like something I’d read in a magazine! ❤


  2. yeah same I needed tips as
    well I will try this thanks


  3. Loved this post! So inspirational:-)

    <3: Jasmin N


  4. Pink hair are TOP, realy like it :-))) Nice post!


  5. What a cute post, I liked reading it.


  6. Love your post! Pink hair is awesome. xx


  7. travelerettenyc

    Your evening hair is super cute! And I agree that travel is sexy. I would love to spend more time traveling in the UK…Good list!


  8. Nice list, it’s always good to travel your own country, and spend some time with your friends!


  9. Ahh. I love your hair!


  10. Amazing ideas! Interesting read- can’t wait for part 2.


  11. maryamkabir

    here you are with your summer almost all figured out and here I am literally having no idea what to do lol ! thanks for the read 🙂 I’m gonna die my hair blonde that’s for sure


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