What to look forward to this summer!

My beautiful readers, its been a while ! My month of May was mayhem because I was constantly ill and I didn’t feel like blogging about it. However it’s the 1st of June and I have to tell you I have some important treats for you!

I’m revamping my blog this summer which means better, more fulfilled and interesting blog posts! I am going to be introducing a new segment called Cooking with Kiyomi. This will showcase me and my best friend Naomi’s cooking, baking and drink making skills. We both have our favourite dishes and we are willing to try new things with a twist so you all can try it at home. If you’re into homemade pancakes, Caribbean banana fritters, homemade green teas then this is the segment for you!

I’m also going away to IBIZA with my mother, aunty and little cousin so this should be an interesting trip to document! Drunk mothers and hot bikini pics on the beach? I will be blogging about what essentials you need for a holiday. It’s not all sunglasses and sun protector creams!

Summer is the season to be sexy therefore part 2 will be coming to you shortly and its the season of my birthday and others birthdays! I will be taking a bunch of pics and showing you what its like to have a birthday in your 20’s. Is it about partying and getting wasted ? or is it about drinking wine and winding down ?

It’s BeyoncĂ©’s concert this summer and I have the best tickets in town baby (Tim Westwood voice) and you’re all are invited to read the post of course. LOL

I’ve already been invited to a lot of blogging events to sample foods, drinks and many more and I will be reviewing the all the events I go to.

Lastly this is a lifestyle blog of a struggling actress and my goal is to get on a bigger agency by August 31st so I will be more open to show you my journey.

Its june 1st and im feeling a little bit ill but hey let the good times ROLL!!!!


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