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Cocktails on Taps

On Thursday the 1st of june I was invited to an event at the Oast House in Manchester to sample their new range of cocktails. To my surprise I was entertained all evening with 8 cocktails to try, fun drunk bloggers to meet, and Oasts innovative idea to serve cocktails from tap. This is for all my readers who love a good cocktail on a night out or an evening out. Afterall this could be a new trend to shake the cocktail industry . Also if you’re located in the north west area close to Manchester or Liverpool  you can check it out yourself.What do you think of when you hear Cocktails on tap?  (watered down drink ?)

When I think about Cocktails on tap my imagination runs wild. I think about a cheap destination holiday at an all-inclusive hotel with a plethora  of watered down drinks. But as I snap back to reality I guarantee you that the sweet, fruity, zesty, deliciously prepared cocktails served at the  Oast house where far from watered down and tasted of quality.

Here is a list of some of my favourite and no so favourite cocktails.

The Classic Mojito Mjoito.jpgThe last time I had a Mojito I was in a bar in London and it was the worst tasting drink ever. All I remembered was sugar granules and an amateur bartender making them.  I swore I would never try it again. However, this my lovelies was delicious. The mint was so refreshing, no sugar granules in sight and is one of my favourite cocktails. It was my first drink to try and I honestly had nothing negative to say about it.

Sex on the BeachFav Drink.jpgI have to let you into a secret; I’m not much of a drinker I actually use to prefer mocktails over cocktails because I believed that a majority of alcoholic drinks taste better without alcohol. Although this may be off-putting to some. I’m not a 100% angel. My favourite drinks are Malibu & coke, Pina Colada and a orange vodka hold the vodka LOL. A majority of the cocktails  I tried where for the very first time. Example this sex on the beach was amazing it was bursting with flavour and the alcohol consistency was perfect. My photographer is a drinker who loves beer and cocktails I also got her opinion on what she thought about the drinks and we where on the same page 🙂 Perfection!

Cant remember the name ??CinnamonWhisky.jpgClearly I was having to much of a good time to remember the name of this cocktail but from my memory it was the devil LOL only because it smelt like christmas but tasted like your grandads plaid vest and tabaco pipe. If you love the taste of strong alcohol this one is for you! because it was truly strong I only had a sip.

Strawberry Daiquiri, Margarita ,Long island ice tea, Pina Colada cocks.jpgI enjoyed the strawberry daiquiri because the flavor was very sweet however i’m not sure others will like it. Usually mixoligists would use fresh strawberry to prepare a Daiquiri, however because they are kept in a tank they need to have longevity. I think this lasts about two weeks. To help with freshness they had to use strawberry puree which made it much more sweater than the usual classic drink.  The puree is naturally sweeter so  if you have a sweet tooth you will love it  but if not I would suggest buying something else.

Long island ice tea was very nice it was my first experience and I have nothing to complain about it was perfect and I loved the hint of Pepsi.

As for the Pina Colada I hated it, it was thick and I couldn’t really taste the pineapple or coconut I just felt really eekkd out about the thickness and alcohol. It was not a good combination. This was so disappointing because Pina Colada is my go to drink.

Lastly the Margarita was not memorable LOL I don’t remember the taste and I dont think I hated it but it didn’t wow me. My photographer on the other hand loved this drink . It was her favourite. She typically drinks Gin and zesty drinks.  She never liked margarita until she had this one. Which goes to show each to her own.

Cocktails on tap benefits.DSC00948.JPGCocktails on tap just means pre made drinks. Pre made cocktails which results in faster service between bar tender and customer. I think it is an amazing idea for student clubs, festivals or areas that are heavily populated just like the Oast House bar because you want quick sufficient quality tasting service.

Cocktails on taps disadvantages

Unless you’re an amazing mixologist that can cater to every single persons taste buds then that is the disadvantage. Every single customer has a preference although not everyone is fussy. What about that one customer that likes her sex on the beach with extra cranberry juice or  less vodka. what does a bar tender do then ? Well she will add more cranberry juice from the juice box, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose of pre made drinks ?

Another disadvantage is the art of making cocktails. We all have seen how beautiful cocktails are and in different establishments around the world often time mixologists like to put on a show when serving cocktails. There’s something special about shaking the mixer or lighting your cup on fire. There was effort put in.

The Oast House.DSC00876.JPG

Oast House is located in Manchester spiningfields a trendy area located around restaurants and other shops. Oast house has a very friendly atmosphere and is welcoming to groups or couples. It’s a very busy with live entertainment perfect for summer!

So get down there and try their new cocktails I promise, you will not regret it.



3 comments on “Cocktails on Taps

  1. I’ve never heard of cocktails on tap, it would sound like it’d be watered down though. I may have to go and visit here!


  2. This is such a good idea! I’ve been to the Oast House before and it’s always packed! This makes things a bit more speedy! 🙂



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