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Make a thoughtful Birthday Cake this summer

To my beautiful readers are you on a budget and struggling to think of a gift idea for your nieces, nephews, mum, dad, best friends basically anyone important to you ?

Well why not make a thoughtful cake!! it’s cheap, cheerful and you don’t have to be amazing at arts and crafts (but it helps). On June 8th it was my partner in crimes birthday and I decided to make her a personalised cake. I knew she would love it because it was about the effort I put in. Here is a quick step by step guide with pictures on how I made the NBA 2016 Championship cake. lol (she made me add that)

What you will need:DSC01113

  • A cake mix of your choice.
  • Fondant
  • Icing
  • Butter cream
  • Cake Tray
  • (anything that relates to the cake you want to design for them)

Cake mix timeDSC01114.JPGFollow the instructions on the cake mix. You will normally need to add water, vegetable oil and eggs to the mix. Then put it in cake tin, set your oven up and you’re sorted!

Halving the cakeDSC01116.JPGOnce the cake has cooled, split the cake in two even parts with a knife or cake cutter for better results.

The filling DSC01117.JPGI’ve decided to make a Victorian sponge cake so I used Jam and spread it in the middle. But personalise your cake to suit your friends taste. For example you can use apricot jam or nutella spread instead!

DSC01119.JPGI added buttercream style icing around the outer edge of the cake then repeated it on the other side. I was tempted to add a hint of cinnamon or nutmeg but I decided  not to.

DSC01121.JPGYour cake should look like this. It doesn’t matter how messy this looks as your going to put it together and stuffing your face with it.

DSC01122.JPGThis is what your cake should like! but even better. when I baked my cake I had trouble taking it out of the cake tin so a chunk came out. How annoyingly honest am I? …I must admit I need more practice when it comes to presentation but it gets better ­čśŤ

Prep for decorationDSC01123Use a knife or an appropriate tool to spread butter cream all over the cake. Use it so you can make a smooth paste for the fondant. Spread it generously┬á I wanted to add more but the tub was nearly finished and I wanted to save it. but you don’t have to.

Fondant DSC01124 Prepare your work space. Make sure you have a big surface.Add some flour to the counter top and also a little on your rolling-pin. Then you can begin to spread your fondant!┬á I made the mistake of not spreading my fondant enough therefore it didn’t cover the whole cake properly. But you will learn from my mistakes lol spread it!!! and if you don’t have enough buy some more ! As you can see from exhibit A on the left hand side I had to play arts and craft by adding some extra fondant. lol

Designing time!DSC01126.JPGThe icing I brought was in relation to the design that I re-created. In cake shops and supermarkets there are a lot of options to choose from.

Design time┬á Golden State warriors (Basketball team)DSC01127This is Naomi’s favourite basketball team so I tried my best to re-create their logo and honestly my arts and crafts skills aren’t great but she loved it!


I hope you enjoyed my tutorial it was yummy

In my next segments of cooking with Kiyomi (Keisha & Naomi) I will be telling you about recipies that we both have perfected that are guareentted to taste amazing and look great :p.

I really hope I got you thinking about thoughtful ways to spend less money and make an impact for someones birthday. If I have inspired you to do the same please send some photo’s to me or share your story.


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