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Ibiza Photo Book

Welcome to my first fabulous family holiday photo book. Last week I went to Ibiza and I have some amazing exclusive photographs to share with you all! ENJOY! 

Watching the sunset on the cruise from San Antonio. My Mum and Aunty hated this cruise they found it boring and cold LOL. Ibiza Sunset.jpg

Cousin Jazz and I looking cute and cold on the boat.Jazz n I boat.jpg

Me embracing my inner goddess at lobby in the hotel Club Bahamas  Colours Ibiza

My 50 year old mum slaying on the beach. She never went back to the beach after this cause she didn’t like the sand or water ?? (Kill joy) but I had to post this fab pic.Ibiza2016.jpg

Evening entertainment: Cheesy hotel dancers who kept us all entertained. dancing Collage.jpg

Jazz’s beautiful back tattoo real or not I’ll let you decide. Her swimsuit was so cute but she’s underage so I could not show you her cute body lol.back.jpg

Me and Jazz tried to persuade my mum and aunty to get on the banana boat. However we  failed my mum stayed in the hotel. On the plus side we managed to get my aunty to the beach. The banana boat had a minimum of 4 people. Therefore me and Jazz decided to get on the sofa boat. My gosh it was so much fun but my head wrap nearly fell in the sea. BoatJazz.jpg

I decided to go and explore Ibiza town by myself.journey.jpg

Me and my twin Jazz. She is so cute!! We went to the Hard Rock Hotel and I got her, her first cocktail. We bonded so much and I recorded footage but that’s for the archives.  Twins.jpg

Both Jazz.jpg

I visited the hard rock hotel again with my mum and they had outfits that famous people wore. The picture I took was with Rihanna’s outfit. Ibiza

The food at Club Bahamas served great tasty quality food. Every morning I had watermelons, sausages and pancakes. Afternoon I had snacks, hot dogs, pizza and ice cream and for dinner I had steak, more chips, more pizza, rice and brownies times 3. I ate so much. Although on the last day I had diarrhoea so that just ruined my whole experience. I don’t think I will go to a hotel with buffet type food kmt. Fooddiiee.jpg

Beautiful Jazz applying her make up before we go to town.JazzMakeup.jpg

An Epic party on the beachConcert.jpg

Hotel PoolDSC01436.jpg

Jazz attempting a cart wheelswimming.jpg

Mum just before DinnerMum0.jpg

Aunty Jen getting ready to go out 🙂  Jen.jpg


I had a great time with my family in Ibiza. On family trips to small sinful islands I suggest taking lots of trips to the beach, restaurants and sight seeing. I decided to upload a small amount of my trip just to give you a taster of how i spent my holiday. Next time I go Ibiza I shall go wild with my friends and have no pictures to upload lol. 

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2 comments on “Ibiza Photo Book

  1. Wow ! Fabulous pics! Beautiful beach!


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