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My Stunning Headshots photographed by Kate McDonald

As the star “Keisha George” rises the sunsets as I write this. “Never Give Up”

I’m excited about this blog post because this is my first real article about where I am in my career. My previous posts have been has been about expressing my thoughts and opinions. Therefore it is time to take you all into my world. But before you start reading I would like you all to subscribe to my mailing list which is located on the right of the screen or scroll to the bottom of the page if using a mobile device and simply type in your email address and click follow. To be the first to read my blogs.

Having a headshot is crucial for anyone wanting to get into the acting field. Its our money-maker to an extent. Having a professional photograph taken with your beautiful natural face can open doors for you. Nowadays the industry is even more competitive especially with the rise of social media z-listers with no talent taking our acting jobs -.-.

Note: The aim of a headshot is to look like yourself on a good day so don’t put tons of make up on!

I’ve always wanted to star in movies and my dream roles have always been to be a kick ass female think  Kill Bill, Dark Angel, add a twist of sci-fi think Orphan Black with a hint of hot ditzy female in an american sitcom with a slab of british think Eastenders get the gist ? DIVERSE. 

I knew that I wanted my headshots to reflect that but I needed to find the right person. So to all my readers I will introduce you to my experience with Kate McDonald a professional photographer based in Manchester and Merseyside.

Before the session I met Kate in a local cafe where we sat down and talked about my passions and what type of roles I wanted to do. Prior to this on her website she states that all photographs will be taken in natural lighting. As a newbie with not much professional  photo shoot experience I was very nervous and Kate reassured me that it would be fine and plenty people are.

We made our way to the location which was a 2 minute walk from the cafe and we begun shooting.




Kate’s Spirit.

Kate is one of the nicest down to earth strangers  I’ve ever met. On location it was rainy a bit but we where under a bridge and she made me feel so comfortable and confident whilst taking pictures. Her energy was very positive and she honestly felt like a friend that I hadn’t seen in a while. When I say friend I express that she was easy to talk to, kind and I didn’t feel like she was judging me. I also brought my friend along with me and Kate welcomed her with open arms.

Keisha’s Confidence:

I always felt like I wasn’t photogenic and after I took a few practice shots I realised how bomb these photos where going to be. I just listened to direction and kept on thinking of different scenarios in my head  to project different facial expressions.


The Final 3.

A day after the shoot I received all my pictures via email untouched and I had to choose only 3. It was so hard to pick and they all started looking like one big blurr but I decided to choose these 3 photos  that  represented me best.  However before I reveal the other two I’m going to ask you all to comment below and tell me “I want to see the pictures”. I really want to interact with you more because I truly am writing to you all individually. Acting is my passion and this is my journey. I’ve left my old agency because I want to apply for the big dogs in Manchester and London. You don’t have to wish me luck just carry on supporting me the way you do. Kate’s information will be left below this picture she also does student discounts.


Keisha George Headshot 1

Kate’s Details can be found on her website mention Keisha George as a recommendation if you consider her for your headshots 🙂

Don’t forget to comment below to see all 3 pictures!!

7 comments on “My Stunning Headshots photographed by Kate McDonald

  1. I wanna see more! haha

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  2. I want to see the pictures!!!!!


  3. sylviesylvz

    Yasss hunny! Looking so fresh faced and gorgeous!


  4. awww your headshot is amazing! I really do hope it opens many doors for you… such a nice idea to document your journey through your career. All the best!


  5. Lauren king

    Aww wow Kate sounds amazing and you look stunning!!


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