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Stop bitching and start blogging!

Every girl is guilty of talking bad about one of her friends behind their back. Whether that be in a heated vent or a disappointing discussion, we all have done it. Although I did assume that once you reach a certain age it dies down but I was very wrong. Women have more things to bitch about as they get older. They bitch about  parenting skills, sexual desires, choices in relationships. Everything is up for discussion!

I have been in a situation where I met up with an old friend and all they did was talk negative about their friends.  In my head I just wanted to say stop bitching and start a blogging because….


You’ll become a happier person.

Often time we tend to say negative things as a reflection of how we are feeling deep down inside. Feeling lonely and neglected can turn you into a judgemental prune. That’s not what I want for you in life. Blogging is a way to set your imagination free and find a passion. When you find that passion you will be up late night eating your chicken noodle soup with a glass of wine at your disposal.

Judgement is welcomed on blogs

Some people could sit inside a coffee shop and judge every person that walks past whilst judging the service at the shop and rating the taste of a double hot chocolate. If that describes you then, One of the greatest perks to blogging is that it gives you an opportunity to express your judgemental thoughts on every topic in a classy way.

You start to prioritise

After a month of blogging you will realise a pattern in your topics of discussion. Once you notice what the pattern is. You can then reflect on whether the topics you have discussed relates to where you are in life. You may question the intensity of the blog or the lack of either way you will start to prioritise what’s important and needs to be added to the blog that reflects your real life.

You’re Creativity will shine through

Creating a blog isn’t as fun as looking through other people’s blogs. The bursts of photography,  different coloured layouts, fonts,  navigational tabs and inspiring content will have you personalising your page in no time.

Its personal

You don’t have to spend hours a day promoting your blog. In fact no one has to ever read it. Blogging is totally personal and gives you the chance to be open either as yourself or anonymously.



 Stop Bitching and start blogging! 

3 comments on “Stop bitching and start blogging!

  1. hadjeleyzacabi

    Yes yes yes🙏🙏


  2. Superb!! 😊😊
    Keep posting.

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