Holiday Essentials

You’ve booked a holiday to the Caribbean or a quick get away trip to France. Here are my holy grail holiday essentials. Go through the list to add to your essentials.


1 ) Money Conversion: Do not wait untill the last-minute to convert your money. Learn from me, I went to post office the day of my holiday and missed the train to paris because the que at the post office was so long.  To get the best value for your money make sure you  research and be prepared at least one week before your travels.

2) Medication: Ibuprofen, the pill and allergy tablets are all essential. I personally don’t like to bring a first aid kit because the hotel can provide plasters etc. But medication is essential. If its gonna save your life, prevent you from getting pregnant and stop your eyes from itching. Dont wait to buy it on holiday be prepared and take them with you.

3) Sun Cream: Just because you may have a dark complexion does not exclude you from purchasing sun cream. The idea is to tan naturally and not get burned! Sun cream is lightweight and makes my skin look and feel so radiant!

4) Mini Speakers: I don’t care what age you are. If you like music and you have a phone purchase mini speakers that connect to your phone. There are times in the hotel room where you just wanna dance around in a towel and embrace the balcony view. Or on the beach when its silent as hell and you need to music to accompany  the vibe your having with your friends and drinks.

5) Mini Make up selection: As much as make up and hot weather don’t go. Not bringing any make up  is complete social suicide. A simple tinted moisturiser with SPF in it will make your face glow like no other. Eye brow pencil to fill in those brows, your favourite lipstick and EYE lashes!!!! They can bring your face from a 5 to a 10 in a strip.

6) Disposable/digital Camera: Not a mobile phone device with a camera. But a real one to document your fun times. It last longer and you can really appreciate the quality of a printed photograph.

7) Foot wear: Running trainers for hikes and jogging, flip-flops for daily outings and heels for dinner dates or clubbing. I don’t see the need to bring even more shoes unless you have a shoe fetish. remember your on holiday you will need space in your suitcase to purchase your favourite shoes if you find any.

8) Hair products: Dont go crazy just bring your must have products. Tame the frizz whilst in the heat, bring your favourite conditioner and live life.

9) Universal charger: You need to be able to charge your phone, laptop and other appliances. Sure they have converters abroad but you can also get them really cheap from eBay or your local boots.

10) Playing Cards: Some times travelling can be hectic and you may be stood around for hours waiting to board your plane. There is nothing more fun then having a pack of playing cards to entertain you and your company.

11) Details on your location: When I travelled Europe I created an itinerary which had a list of all the hostels I stayed at including the address and phone number. This was useful to me have just incase I got lost and I also left the list at home with my mum for emergency purposes.

The above lists are things I would not travel without! Of course I would buy insurance and bring sunglasses and checklist etc. But these are my top fun 11 Holy grail holiday essentials.

If you havent already check out my photos from Ibiza oh and im going on holiday again to france! in a few weeks!.


3 comments on “Holiday Essentials

  1. Sylvia Okyere

    I love this! I’m guilty of never packing portable speakers with me and yet i’m the one who dances around the room to music all the time.


  2. this is a great list. yes a deck of cards is the one.


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