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Be Inspired: Tootsie Time

Every now and then we all need a bit of inspiration. In a world full of social pressures it’s important to be yourself and stand out from the crowd. The negative side to being an aspiring  established blogger/actress is that you feel like a crab in the sea, you’re making mini good movements and have a hard exterior but does anyone notice?

It’s really easy to full under pressure and create a typical beauty website because it gets more views *yawns*. But that’s not me and I was worried that people will not warm to my website and that’s when I got inspired by Tootsie.

Unlike the typical boring beauty bloggers with generic voices and candles in the background which I occasionally watch . Tootsie graces our screen by pushing the status quo with unlimited creativity, a down to earth personality and good quality videos. The first video I watched of hers was a nail tutorial in 2013. I was intrigued straight away because I love fake nails and it was a decent tutorial. I invested in watching her videos because of “don’t tell the bride” it was the first platform I saw her on and I was just curious to know who she was.


Tootsie D.I.Y fashion didn’t have me fully invested untill I started watching her vlogs with her husband! It won me over because everyone loves to follow a journey. Especially a journey of a cute young black couple from london. From painting her walls brown to having drink ups with her friends. Me and my best friend felt like her extended friends.  Tootsie and my best friend had so much in common. They both have big personalities a love for fashion and I felt like we weren’t suppose to be fans but friends lol.



How is this inspirational ?

The simple answer is growth. The complicated answer is being true to who you really are. In a world full of academics it’s hard for creative individuals to be theirselves 100%. If you did BTEC performing arts in college, a beauty course or even told your parents you want to be a painter. People will typically laugh and not take you seriously especially during the teenage years and I think its get worse as you get older imagine being 37 and saying “I still want to be painter.”

I’ve seen growth on Tootise’s YouTube page in regards to her lifestyle. She’s moved into a an incredible house with a garden and jacuzzi, she’s made connections in america which is where we saw her friendship with Alyssa blossom, the quality of her content is on 100, she’s introduced us to her singing, her beauty game has stepped up, her story times are too funny and her YouTube subscribers are over 300 thousand.

alyssa tootsie.jpg

By no means am I trying to say she’s perfect but you have to respect growth. Tootise’s fashion sense, loud voice and big personality makes her stand out but it also makes her a target. My best friend is  a comedian with a great fashion sense and is also misunderstood. I’m naturally very shy and then when you get to know me im weird and very out there. People often judge me and think im fake but you just have to give me time to come out of my shell. Yes everyone in the world is pre judged but those who have a natural flair for the arts  have it that tad bit hard and to add we are black.

Overall she has inspired me to challenge my own creativity again. After graduating from business management last year. I realised that my creative juices totally burnt out and doubt had taken over me. It’s taken me a full year to believe in myself again. It’s very important for me to share inspirational stories or exclusive inspirational interviews because a person without inspiration is a dead soul.

Peace (Tootie Voice) lol



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10 comments on “Be Inspired: Tootsie Time

  1. Hey Wonita, fab read as per! Strange question but were you walking down Trinity Way in Salford on Tues evening?! Swear it was you! If not, you have a twin in Manchester!xXx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Which gym?


  3. Aye – I’m a group fitness instructor for Virgin. But I’m also an aspiring painter. Totally get what you mean about people dismissing you, my parents still don’t support my decision to paint


    • oh thats ashame! i support u..follow your dreams! and im trying hard this summer to tone (as i eat a banana cake ) Do you practice painting ?


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