Cooking with Kiyomi

Cooking with Kiyomi

Do you trust Keisha and Naomi (Kiyomi) to deliver you quality recipes ?

Keisha has a sweet tooth, Naomi loves meat,

so why not combine horrible things to create a treat.

we adore flavour, we adore well seasoned meat,

if you don’t trust us go and massage your mothers feet!!

On a serious note we both love food so much that we have decided to share our homemade recipes with you all. This section will focus on desserts, dinners and drinks. I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t occasionally indulge in a hot apple crumble with an alcoholic drink yumm..


Get involved and comment below on what drinks, dinners and desserts you want us to make.


See you in september





15 comments on “Cooking with Kiyomi

  1. Hey,
    My son is allergic to wheat, dairy, eggs, oats and nuts. Think you can make a cake without those products?? Challenging I know, if not no worries x


  2. Love me some lamb so Kiyomi I’m wanting an alternative that incorporates a reduced wine gravy & chilli


  3. Otchalino

    You know I’m the sweetest of sweet tooth gurrrl, so any kind of Nutella brownies or mixed berry crumbles that won’t add pounds to my waist would be good.
    Also I’m a sucker for pesto as well so some kind of homemade pesto pasta bake with sauté chicken would be lit


  4. Make some sort of dessert that has a ton of cream in it, and vanilla. Love that.


  5. Where are you??? It’s been over a month!!


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