Why September is the new January

My summer was hectic to say the least. I quit my job, visited the south of France for peace, moved to a new apartment in the same complex and now im ready to start blogging again. It’s september and the kids are back to school, the days are getting darker and blogger events are starting to fill up my calendar again. Life is looking great!

My good friend who has a degree in drama has decided to start writing scripts and she wants me to star in her upcoming webisode. Which I’m very excited to be apart of because it’s so fulfilling to help a person turn their dreams into reality especially when it’s a good friend.

I’m also working on a secret project and if I work hard enough within the next two months. I will have an official career with money coming in! But this will only happen if I work hard and be strategic.

I moved to a new apartment just over a month ago. Can you believe I had no hot water for three weeks, my electricity kept on cutting off because the previous tenants had not paid their bills and my agency didn’t inform the electricity company. I still don’t have internet because the phone socket things don’t work, im currently sharing one house key with my housemate. To be honest with you it has been a complete nightmare and it totally uninspired me to write.

September is the new January.

I refuse to be pressured by the world into making cheesy resolutions at the start of the year, celebrating all night just for January 1st to feel like the day before. As fall approaches there is a demand for hot chocolate with whipped cream, the desire arises for a cuddle buddy and the burning smells of wood greets us on November 5th. It’s september and it genuinely feels like the start of a new chapter. So don’t wait for January to come to start something new and don’t look back.




2 comments on “Why September is the new January

  1. This makes me sad. You had no hot water or electricity? We would have donated so you could at least felt inspired to write for us.


    • hey dont be sad lol i feel better now…ive decorated a lil office in my place ….and im going to upload some france pictures soon..how have you been ?


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