My Body & It’s image

The mannequin

As I look into the cage and observe 4 mannequins I admire the creative design displayed on them.

I also acknowledge that she wants to look just like me.

She has a head, boobs and killer legs but she will never be me.

The idea that my image is powerful because im real and she is not, not even a being but a colourful plastic mold designed to be perfect and represent the ideal woman.

How can this thing represent a woman ?

Why do the masses feel inferior towards it?

Afterall this was not created by God or sex but manufactured somewhere in China. 15937154_10154961992775972_6899241464918638452_oThe womanThe delicate touch of her hands gliding through your hair as you fall asleep in her arms.
The way her hips move and her body pops as she dances to her favourite music. Her attentive nature to attend to everyone elses needs before her own.The stretch marks on her breasts, hips and back as she grows into the woman she is becoming.  Her dedication towards her goals is most appealing.Her fight to never give up on what she believes in, encourages her peers.Her wig choices from short to long from black to burgundy. She is not ashamed of her natural hair but encourages creativity and character which sparks a light in your eyes.She takes a selfie/ celfie to remind herself that she is BOMB.dsc01690Insecurities Yet a simple photoshopped picture on a magazine, a mannequin displayed in a shop window, a cultural preference of a desired image and assigned gender roles can destroy ones mental being ????

It’s 2017 and although society already in forces pressures on women and what is expected from us. We can’t be aware of that and then use it as an excuse to feel inferior towards a race, to men, to attributes on another person’s body. We must use the information we already know and change our ways of thinking. I wrote this to plant a seed…..

A filtered picture by Kim Kardashian is appealing but it’s not real, it’s an illusion created by her to show her audience what she wants them to see. Marketing!!

A white mannequin with blonde hair displayed in Topshop. Yes the clothes look amazing on it but look closer. The clothes are tied up at the back to give the illusion that it fits perfectly. Yes the mannequin may represent a race to make others feel inferior which is a deep subject. But you want to buy the clothes anyway so buy it and make sure you rock it better and be a beautiful asian, black or latina woman rocking it!!

Black culture where women with curves and big bums are sexually desired. You may have the opposite but it’s about working with what you got. Nicki Minaj has a big ass but she can’t twerk to save her life. I got a small itty bitty bum but i’ll give every big booty girl a run for their money cause im a good twerker. P.S half of these bums are fake and a lot of women get their breast done. Stop comparing yourself to other ladies because your culture desires that figure compare yourself to other ladies because you wanna work out and get a toned body like them!

Gender roles. Successful relationships whether it be romantic or not rely on a balance and reality. You don’t have to stick to gender roles if you’re not comfortable with it. Life is about finding a balance and doing what makes you feel happy inside. If you don’t wanna wear a dress to a wedding dont!  Why not wear a bomb suit. Lets keep it real confidence is attractive! We as women secretly run the world and we can do anything we put our minds to. So tap into your powers ladies and be you





To all my readers what does your body and it’s image represents to you?







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  1. Julia Remy

    That was a good read

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