Friday Favourites: Best Reads

As a young woman in the mists of chasing her dreams. Every now & then I love to indulge in a good ol self instruction manual. I know I am a queen and im destined for greatness. Although there is always room for improvement!

My favourite reads of all time at the moment are:

Amber Rose: How To Be A Bad Bitch

Kimora lee Simmons: Fabulosity What It Is And How To Get It.

Yes Amber Rose is  naked on her front cover and Kimora did trademark the word “fabulosity”. As humans we must not judge the books by their covers but by the content of the literature  

Bad Bitch: A self respecting, strong female who has everything together, This consists of body, mind, finances and attitude; a woman who gets her way by any means necessary.

Fabulosity: A state of everything that is fabulous. A quality ascribed to that which expresses glamour, style charisma, power and heart.”

Both books explore their ideas of what it like to be a woman in control of her destiny. They use their life experiences to inform the  reader about their perspectives and how they where able to gain success from that.


These women don’t put up a facade in their books. In fact they genuinely want to share their knowledge and guide you in the right direction. If you purchase a book like this I believe it means you want strive to become a better person in certain areas of your life.

The topics range from building self-confidence, knowing your worth, having a vision to career, relationships, sex and independence. The chapters are full of advice, knowledge, tips and juicy personal information. I think what’s important to know is that they are not telling you how to emulate their life but informing you on how to get the best out of your lifestyle.

Not only is the layout of Kimora book feminine and sheek, but after every chapter she backs up her information by having  quotes from other successful people such as Lauryn Hill, Marlene Dietrich, Nas, Erykah Badu and many others. Might I add what they all have in common is their mentality and willingness to not settle for a life that isn’t theres.

I personally love to highlight my favourite quotes.dsc01828

I don’t enjoy reading books unless it’s visually attractive. Kimora and Ambers books both contain pictures, intriguing layouts, and different fonts. Which in my favour ignites a fire in my soul and makes me want to finish the book.

I won’t  reveal any of the stories in the book but the women talk about pivotal moments in their past that shaped  them into women they are today. In Ambers book shes takes us on a journey throughout her childhood, which is accompanied by pictures so you can get a better visual of what her life was like. In turn it feels like an artistic journal. (Very personal)

Kimora’s stories had an amazing impact on me. She reassures the reader that with her guidenace and knowledge things will be ok.

Spoiler alert

” Forget what everyone tells you. There is no “right” way to get ahead in business. My entire company is proof of that. The people I rely on every day have arrived in all kinds of ways and from different places” Kimora


My obsession with Kimora’s

I’ve always been interested in the lifestyles of celebrities since I was a teenager.  I grew up watching My cribs on MTV, Sweet 16 and just admiring the materialistic things they had.   As I approached my late teens I realised that I wasnt just creative but very business savvy. As my business mind grew I randomly came across Kimora Lee Simmons television show Life in the fab lane on the style network. The show gave me an insight on what it would be like to run my own company, carry myself with dignity and still have fun. I found out that  she had a book and I remember going to order it from a book shop in North London it had to be shipped from America and I waited 3days to collect it. I remember just being completely  obsessed with that book. I value her opinion as an entrepreneur and a girl who came from nothing and was able to have a successful career .


My obsession with Amber

I simply wanted  Ambers book because I wanted the juicy details about beauty, men, sex and all things taboo. She represents the women in society that will steal your man with a simple glance and will always leave the house looking flawless. I wanted to know the secret. lol (i found it)

If you put her words into practice then I do believe that you will genuinely be that confident female who all the females will admire, the men will desire you and the gay guys would be begging to be your friend.

DSC01831.JPGOn the other hand this book isn’t just about sex and looks. It’s about being a woman and dealing with all the B.S that comes with it including being in the entertainment industry whilst trying to make it in Hollywood.  This book has taught me that if you are going stand out, be desired or be respected its important to get your mentality right, surround yourself with good people and do it right. If you’re gonna wear loads of make up do it right. If your gonna shave your hair you better research and do it right!DSC01830.JPG

Kimora book scores 9/10

Amber Rose book 8/10

Thank you for reading.


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