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#GetOutMoreOften  #GetOutChallenge

The season of spring is upon us, the blossoms on the trees are growing and there’s an energy in the air that ignites certain souls to make plans and explore what life has to offer. Then there is everyone else who’s stuck in a routine and would rather stay at home. This post is dedicated to you guys!

We’re only in the third month of the new year. So why not create a 2017 bucket list that consists of things that you want to experience this year. It doesn’t have to be expensive. remember the goal is get out more often and create memories. It could be as little as visiting another city for the day to as big as visiting another country.

My bucket list is tailored more to my trip to california this summer.

  • Attend 5 small theatre shows in London: I love theatre and I really want to attend more small theatre projects because I feel like they need support the most. Also they have more interesting storylines in my opinion.
  • Family cook up: As time passes and life happens some families become more distant. That’s why me and my 1st cousins have decided to hold a cook up. Everyone has to cook a dish. I’m probably going to make cold tuna pasta, plantain and banana fritters. The greatest thing about having a small gathering of 5-6 people is that it’s easy for us to communicate and organise with each other. This is the perfect way to create memories and catch up!
  • Visit Venice Beach boardwalk:  I’ve always day dreamed about roller skating on the Venice beach boardwalk. I am imagined myself to be wearing cute hot pants with a boob tube complimented by jumbo single braids and gold hoop earrings. Unfortunately that will stay a day dream untill I learn how to roller skate. But untill then I still want to visit and take amazing pictures of the people and experience the vibe and maybe buy a key ring.
  • Take a Hike up Runyon canyon park: It’s free to enter so instead of trying to find a gym why not take a hike? Its cheap cheerful and you never know what celebrity you might meet on your way up.
  • Watch the fireworks whilst having a BBQ on July 4th: Good food + good people + fireworks on July 4th = Perfection.  There are a lot of celebrations on July 4th but I would personally like to be invited to or host a BBQ at a house or on the beach.
  • Visit universal Studios: Some people will decide to splurge on clothes. But i would rather splurge at universal studios!!!! They have Harry Potter world!, fast n furious studio tour, a Jurassic park ride and many more. It’s quite expensive but its  to splurging on clothes.
  • Find a tasty salad restaurant: The Kardashian trended the whole salad and green tea for every meal and I would really like to find a good healthy restaurant that serves quality salads at a decent price.
  • Go to a Chris Brown house party LOL. 

I hope this has got you all inspired to start your own bucket list of experiences for the rest of 2017.

For those who are not going on holiday why not check out eventbrite to see what’s happening in your local area. They have different event categories for you to discover from classes, music, arts and networking just to name a few. Eventbrite also lets you plan your own events if you’re on the lookout to do something but don’t see it available locally

For all my regular subscribers comment below and tell me about some of your plans for this year!

#GetOutMoreOften  #GetOutChallenge


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