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Tragic Tuesdays: Why see the cup as half full ? Just throw the cup away!!!

When going through a tough time I’m sure your local “go to when life falls apart” person has advised you at least once in your advice-ship to see the cup as half full rather than half empty.  Well to all my readers who are fed up of seeing their situation as half full, I say throw away the cup, forget about optimism and find a new cup!.

When we go through dark situations in our life. The only way to not get sucked in and depressed is to think about the positive things that we do have in our life, which is to see the cup as half full which can be very comforting.

But how long are you willing to stay comfortable for ?

Eventually the optimism wears off and you’ll find yourself in an unsatisfying comfortable state.

If you’ve read my previous post get out more often|experience life  you would know that I was set to follow my dreams this summer.  I was incredibly excited for my future and in less 5 minutes my dreams where shattered. That’s right I applied for my tourist visa and at my interview the woman rejected me! Not because I was a criminal, not because I was an aggressive rude person, not because I was a threat to the united states of america, but because I didn’t have a job and I’m living with my mum.  Which “apparently” are signs that suggest I wanted to be an immigrant. ( I assumed this because she only asked me two questions and then I got a paper saying “you may have come across like an intended immigrant/ you applied for the wrong visa” ?!!!)  The funniest thing is I didn’t even get the chance to tell her that my 7 week visit was for an acting summer course.  I even moved back home from living independently for several years because I wanted to save my money because the drama school was really pricy and rent was killing my bank account! yet the judgemental b***h assumed my whole life and  was really mean to me :(.

To cut a very long story short. In that moment I had to see the cup as half full. I had to be positive and optimistic. I rang the  L.A summer school and they told me that they misinformed me and I was supposed to get an ESTA (3 month visa ). I re applied….To cut another long story short all the signs where telling me I shouldnt go abroad and I even got a new interview for my visa. Unfortunately it was 3 days before my course start date which was too risky. In that moment I decided to be brave and throw the cup away.  Not once did I ever consider that as giving up.

Yes I cried in private and I was extremely upset however the idea to of seeing the cup as half full was perfectic in this situation. In order for me to move on I had to acknowledge that my plan for America failed. Once I accepted that I had to move on.

Sometimes people convince their self that they have to be in a situation because their finances are low or they need the experience or they can’t find someone who’s going to treat them better. This cycle can go on for years and that is unhealthy. Some times we have to let go and start fresh.!




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