Fab Nails For Summer! | Invest in good a nail polish

As the sun rises at 5.42am in London, the forecast predicts that once again it will not be a sunny day. Forget about the long journey to the nail shop. Why not find your nearest convenience store and take the time to find a good quality nail varnish that compliments your skin tone.

O . P . I Nail Lacquer is honestly the best nail brand  i’ve ever come across.  Although it’s very pricy it’s worth it because the  colours are very pigmented, you only need two layers of application and results are amazing!

Ladies don’t forget to file your nails to your desired shape.  Filing nails is a perfect way to get that clean look.

This colour Suzi Without a Paddle is perfect all year round especially for those gloomy days in our british summer. Bling it up with some finger rings when the sun is shining and you’re good to go! This colour works well on a majority of skin tones. DSC01955

This colour Exotic Birds is definitely for those of us who dare to be different. It’s bright engaging and says “Hi Summer im here to outshine you!” Once again a perfect colour for those of us with strong melanin powers who struggle to find a shade that suits us! You also don’t need much jewelery on because the colour is a statement in itself. DSC01966

It wouldn’t be summer if you didn’t have any pink! These four shades below are my absolute go to! The bottom shade of Pink Live Love Carnival is very coral and perfect for our toes. It has an effect where it makes your skin look darker. So for you girls with my complexion or lighter skin and want to have that tan affect go for this pink. Also the pink on the top Kiss Me Brazilian is a nice quality of baby pink. DSC01968.JPG

Summer time/ Holiday time is coming ladies lets save up and do our own nails!

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