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Be Inspired : Jazzie Jae T || Relaxed hair care ||

Meet Jazzie Jae T a YouTuber with over 14 thousand subscribers. Her passion for hair care attracted me and I thought that she is someone to be inspired by.

Jazzie Jae T: I’m so happy you found my channel, I made this channel to be the friend & role model many women can relate to. I make videos on things that I love and want to share with my close girlfriends, the thing is I’ve already told them & they don’t want to hear it again so I’m here on YouTube sharing things I’m very passionate about.

Jazzie jJazzie Jae originally created her YouTube channel to share content about things that she was passionate about such as DIY, look books and fashion . However her most popular video, raking in over 300 thousand views was about how to maintain relaxed hair.

For those who aren’t aware, for the past 4 years there has been an epidemic in the black hair community where women are saying no to relaxed/permed hair and embracing their natural afro hair. Therefore it was surprising to see a woman embrace her relaxed hair and advise others on how to keep it healthy successfully.

Me: I was curious to know whether you hate the divide between the natural hair community and the relaxed hair community ?
Jazzie Jae T: No, I don’t hate it I just think its unnecessary. Two people who inspired me to learn more about hair are both natural, over the period of watching their videos and really comprehending what I was taking in, it all boils down to simplicity for both relaxed and natural hair. The formulas are the same for hair growth, you have to be healthy inside and out.

In the last 5 years we’ve seen an increase in black entrepreneurs that have created hair products that promote healthy hair with natural ingredients for black women. We have also seen a rise in information regarding how to grow and keep black hair healthy.

What really baffles me is that there are still so many black hair salons that are purposely damaging our hair. In my experience every time I’ve gone to the hairdressers they have styled my hair amazingly but the aftermath is that my hair breaks. In the last year my hair grown so much and that’s because ive been taking care of it.  Me: So how important is it to find a good stylist ? Or should you just do your own hair ?

Jazzie Jae T: As a stylist, we as customers need to appreciate them and give credit where its due. One bad apple does not ruin the whole bag. I have experienced a bad salon experience, however I didn’t let that steer me away from salons, I simply changed stylists. It’s hard to put trust in someone you don’t know with your hair however, you have to keep up with your hair at home and not just depend on a stylist. Healthy hair relaxed or natural starts at home by the food you consume. Going to the salon shouldn’t be a crutch or aid but more of a break/treat. Finding a stylist can be challenging but the process is fun. I like to tell people be social ask other women who have nice hair who does your hair? Where do you go? And if that doesn’t work go to the beauty school and find out where the future graduates plan to go after they pass the board test. A lot of people who are looking for a stylist aren’t really looking for a stylist.


Me: Why is it important for you to teach other people with relaxed hair how to treat their hair ?
Jazzie Jae T: I’m very passionate about hair after my mid-back length relaxed hair started to break off in-front of my eyes due to an improper salon visit. In 2014 I had to cut my hair and start over, I never had intentions on sharing as much knowledge about relaxed hair on my channel, until a lot of people were asking me questions about hair. Which led to me making videos. I like to make videos that are educating both relaxed and natural ladies.
Me: YouTube is an amazing platform to share knowledge and its incredible that you’ve gained over 14thousand subscribes in less than a year. How does that make you feel ?
Jazzie Jae T: I believe everyone has a purpose and a path they have to experience in life. I feel more than blessed to share my knowledge with my fellow sistas’.”
Me: Whats the most empowering comment you received on your channel ?
Jazzie Jae T: Honestly, I don’t know I read all my comments and on one video alone that’s over 3 thousand comments so to specifically single one out is impossible for me. I enjoy reading both negative and positive comments because with good comes bad.
Me: Why should people watch your videos ?
Jazzie Jae T: I don’t force anyone to watch my videos. If there’s something you can learn or take from my video then people will watch. I just try my best to share how I’m growing my hair back out.
Make sure you check out Jazzie Jae T on her YouTube channel to learn more.

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