The Top 10 Traits Of A Real Wonder Woman

Wonita Christine says: There is no doubt in my head that us  women are a one of kind with super powers that we havent quite tapped into yet.  I’m sure you are all aware of the recent terror attacks that took place in the UK within the last few months. The nation is left feeling shocked, sad and anxious. People are dying all over the world because of corrupt government and terror gangs.  We all deserve to live in a peaceful world, where we can raise our children without judgement, in a toxic free environment, with equal rights. But what we deserve, is not going to put an end to racism, terrorism or world poverty. It’s not about what we deserve. It’s about what we believe in and the actions that we are willing to take, in order for our dreams to come true. We truly all have a wonder woman inside of us waiting to shine through.

On the weekend I went to see Wonder Woman|| Mini spoiler alert||  Wonder woman broke barriers in terms of it being the first female led superhero film in the last decade and Patty Jenkins the second female director ever to get a budget of  $100 million. Yet I was disappointed to see the lack of diversity on the sheltered island paradise. The women on the  island represented physically strong, brave, respectable women. However the island was dominated by white women with 2 black women and that was it. It would’ve been nice to see women of asian decent, especially because they are never represented in hollywood blockbusters. As advocate for female empowerment I strongly believe that we need to see more diversity on the big screens.

The message that was empowering throughout the movie was: ” It’s not about what you deserve, it’s about what you believe in.” 

So here I am giving you the Top 10 Tips on how to be a Wonder Woman in all aspects of your life.

1 || Find A Sister-Hood That Has The Same Morals As You


Our periods may be in sync if we spend too much time together but we are stronger together then when apart. A healthy friendship starts off with finding women that have the same interests or morals as you. A circle of girls that will encourage you, challenge you and not judge you sets the tone for your greatness.

2|| Practice Practice Practice


You’re never going to master a skill if you don’t practice it. Yes it’s tedious, draining and somewhat stressful but practice makes you perfect. ||Spoiler Alert|| Diana Prince did not attain her skills because she was a God, She trained as child and constantly battled so that she was ready to be a God.

3 || Physically Strong


We were born to be mentally strong  and put up with all the B.S we get from our baby daddy’s, absent fathers, rubbish brothers, crappy male work colleagues etc. A true Wonder Woman works on her physical ability. It’ not enough to be mentally strong and it’s not about competing with the guys. It’s about recognising our worth. Why have fat when you can have muscle? Why be weak when you can be strong ? A true Wonder Woman works on her ability to be strong.

4|| Be comfortable


Being comfortable in your own skin means being confident in who you are.  We have so many mini insecurities that we care about or try not to think about all the time. But choosing an attire that you feel comfortable in and confident in will bring out the best in you. A real Wonder Woman doesn’t get peer pressured although she is willing to try out new things.

5 ||Have Courage


Being a coward is not in the vocabulary of a true wonder woman. But like me, we are both trying to aspire to be Wonder Women and its important to take more courageous steps in all aspects of our life. We have to be brave enough to ask for a promotion, Be smart enough to know when to let go of a relationship and be courageous enough to stand up for what we believe in.

6|| Fight For A Cause

Deep down in our hearts we all believe in something positive. Deep down in our hearts we want to love and be loved. Deep down in our hearts we want to win. Before you leave this earth what will your legacy be ??

7||  Dont Be Afraid To Walk Alone.


In this cold world people change and things change. The sister-hood may crumble, a member can be come corrupt. Political economical social technological changes can have big impact on your way of living. A Wonder woman  never be afraid to walk alone.

8|| Be Your Own Hero


To the lady with the world on her shoulders, Hunny no one is going to save you ! create your own opportunities wipe those tears and be your own hero. You cannot rely on anyone else to save you. You’re the only one going through your experience with your personality with your life so only you can put the effort in to save you.

9|| Love

When we are busy focusing on one task. We forget about love, love your spouse, don’t write off love. You can be independent a strong but you can also be in love and have a relationship. Love heals wounds we didn’t know we had. Love motivates us and encourages us. Dont forget about love. Every Wonder Woman needs it.

10|| Support other Wonder Women

All Wonder Women support each other so make sure you.

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1 comment on “The Top 10 Traits Of A Real Wonder Woman

  1. Onyxfire

    Good post, but movies like Wonder Woman are already established with decades of backstory and the setting is already fully established, as well. The Amazon’s were warrior women portrayed in WW from ancient Greece and hidden away and secluded on an island paradise, but still based on ancient Greece. There wasn’t some huge melting pot of all races included. There weren’t Asian Amazons, Black Amazons, Mexican Amazons, etc. Characters like Nick Fury have already been completely changed for the sake of “racial diversity”, am old white man with one eye was changed to a black man for no reason other than to appease the people who want to cry racism for no reason. Is this same post going to address any and all Tyler Perry movies which are all completely black casts? Where’s racial diversity there? Instead of demanding long-establised stories be re-written to completely change everything about them so as to make them completely different things, you create new stories with the amount of racial diversity you believe is needed and let that piece of work stand on its own instead of hijacking someone else’s work and basically calling them all racist because they don’t have enough of other races. And your new story better represent all races, not just Black, Asian, Mexican, and all the usual main races. Every race. Because if you don’t, how are you any different? It’s not diversity unless everyone is considered. In summation, try making your own creations with racial diversity instead of taking someone else’s creations that have already done all the hard work and established itself over generations with a very specific background and changing it into something completely different just so some people can make a statement.


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