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Wonita Christine says: There are many layers to a Wonita Christine woman, Not only does she have great fashion sense but she is a female boss! Any women that is taking steps to actively follow their dreams represents a Wonita Christine woman in the making. A true Wonita Christine woman understands that being presentable and making a statement through fashion captures people’s attention straight away. The aim is to look amazing by gaining attention in your female boss attire so people will not only think you’re a risk taker but would want to listen to your business plans, proposals etc.

Statement White Outfit ||

All fashion gurus swear by the little black dress but they forget to mention that signature white outfit that will leave everyone in room jaw dropped.  I’m here to tell you that Wonita Christine believes in a showstopper white outfit that is executed well. Secretly we all love the thought of wearing white but realistically it gets dirty after 5 minutes. That doesn’t mean we can’t dream or at least own one white/ off white/ cream outfit.

Below is a picture of  Jennifer Lopez in her white show stopping female boss attire. It’s perfect for the female who loves to feel comfortable, doesn’t want to show skin and is assertive.Wearing a white dress is also great for you super very feminine women although trousers leave more to the imagination.

For a women with curves high waisted trousers extenuate your hips and for those who lack curves this outfit will make your legs look long and super model like.

The Curvy Women

92nd Street Y Presents: Jennifer Lopez In Conversation With Hoda Kotb




The Tall Woman


The Full Figured Woman


The super feminine Woman


Statement Red Lip ||

Wonita Christine says: Red lipstick is a crucial item that needs to be in every girls make up collection. Red lips are super attractive and suits everyone however you must purchase the correct shade of red to compliment your complexion. When wearing red lips make sure you keep the contouring, highlighting and especially eyeshadow to a minimum. All you need is a good foundation and a good mascara or eye lash extensions.

jlo red lp


red kip



red lip k

63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Statement Fragrance

Do not forget to leave your house without spraying your go to perfume. A womans scent is everlasting and enticing so here’s a list of my go to perfumes in no particular order.










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