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Be Inspired: Jevetta Boyce Owner of Videography Company & Photography Studio

Wonita Christine Says:  Be inspired by someone elses journey towards success rather than envy them. Learn something new. Be Inspired.

20140153_10155609113825972_5353730084116958362_nMeet Jevetta Boyce, 25 owner of Jevetta Boyce Ltd (videography company) and Cloud Green Studios.

Jevetta knew from a very young age that she wanted to be her own boss.  The traditional 9-5 was not appealing to her, especially because she aspired to be an actress. After studying media in secondary school, college and university she says she “accidentally” I say “naturally’ stumbled upon her career in videography.

Jevetta “It wasnt planned, At the time my friend was signed to an agency and wanted me to film some footage with her. I got paid £50 and free entry into the festival. I thought it was an amazing opportunity and quick money. I got to meet people behind the camera and fell in love with it instantly. I decided to do more ventures on my own and once I became full-time I knew I would never want to work for anybody.”

Me “My core readers are women of colour and i’m sure they would like to know if you as a Black woman feel any racial tensions or pressure within the industry ?”

Jevetta Boyce “Black women have to work harder and are looked upon differently in the work environment but it inspires me to want to bring opportunities to myself and bridge that gap by bring more people in. From a young age I didn’t see myself in an office. I wanted to be my own boss and i’ve always had that mentality. By having that mindset, it’s never been an issue for me. I’ll never let it affect me.”

The positive side to social media is that it is an effective driving force that shows the world that anyone and everyone has the potential to be entrepreneurs. Although with greatness comes negativity and people are often feel pressured to follow the entrepreneurial path and get exploited by fraudulent people.

Me “What advice would you give to young females aspiring to be a videographer or photographer and how can they avoid being exploited ?”

Jevetta “It is crucial to get as much experience as possible. Never be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure. There is no harm in doing free stuff to boost your CV and experience however sometimes people just hire you to get free labour out of you. In return you don’t learn anything and during the process you’re treated like s**t.  It’s important for you to look out for the signs. Some employers see that students are enthusiastic and they mistake their kindness for weakness.  That’s what inspired me to offer jobs, I help those who are sincerely passionate by providing them with clients for them to gain experience.

Me “Every industry has competitors and for some uninspired women it can be very daunting to think about. I would like to know if you are aware of your competitors and what are you dong to stand out ?”

Jevetta “I don’t really class them as competitors. I see it like this: On set there is a  bunch of people who have inspiring creative jobs just like me. Everyone has their own flare and perspectives on the finishing outcome. It’s better to come together and share ideas. Perception on set is everything and I’ve learnt so much from other directors, im constantly learning.”

Cloud Green Studios

Cloud Green Studios (full picture)


Me: Where did the name Cloud green studios arrive from ?

Jevetta “Well…I had my videography company before this venture and I wanted it to be different and not to be associated or confused for my videography company. Honestly the name came from my partner. It was a joint effort, we sat down and brainstormed ideas on a notepad we even did word associations. My friend Jordan came up with the name White leaf studios. There were so many names to choose from but I had a deadline which added pressure but it was needed.

Whats interesting is that before I made the final decision to choose cloud green studios. A year before I got the studio I remember seeing green note pads thinking that would be great to put in my future studio. When I first entered the room the ceiling was green, I knew I wanted the studio theme to have a white cork, navy, earthy, natural feeling to it.  Because the celling was green and the walls were white I didn’t want to throw the balance off. When I went shopping for a large curtain ( for the changing area ) they only had the colour green available. I also went to ASDA and saw a green kettle that matched, Green is also the colour of regeneration and God and I felt like it was God guiding me and the next thing you know the studio is themed green, i have plants and the studio is called Cloud Green Studios.


Me: What do you want your legacy to be ?

Jevetta: My business is my legacy. My aim is to be financially stable and to work with people and bring opportunities to those less fortunate. Unity is the goal. We can get further together that’s what I want my company to stand for. Through unity based projects and celebrating people. My brand is self titled Jevetta Boyce just like you have Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford.


Here are some of the images that have been taken at the studio.

11 (bts)


For more information and to book her studio please find Jevetta Boyce at:

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