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The Art Of seduction ||PART 1 OF 5

Wonita Christine Says: As women we possess the power to seduce anyone we want. Whether the intention is to spice up our sex lives, make an ex jealous or to promote a product. No matter how insecure you may feel we all have the power within us.  Below is a mini music video made as part 1 of our 5 part article on The Art of Seduction. 

The misconception.

The greatest misconception of seduction is that in order to be sexy you have to have the right physical attributes. Ladies our physical attributes is a bonus and it is not everything! In fact it probably makes up for about 30% of the seduction process . The rest comes from how well we engage with our target, our ability to create an atmosphere by teasing  & touching the human body with patience.  Our attire, our scent and our confidence!!!

Remember: It’s not what you have but what you do with what you have 🙂

Part One: Make a Mini Music Video

Remember seduction doesn’t have to be a one day thing. Why not get in the mood and make yourself feel sexy by creating a mini music video. A video that isn’t too vulgar but fun and playful. This shows that you’re naturally sexy. It’s not cringey but funny and cute. The aim is to create sexual tension so its fine if you want to send a super hot sexy video. But for those who don’t want to be to so obvious make it fun!!

( If you dont feel brave enough to send a video, still make one for yourself to see what you look like. )

Remove your insecurity blanket and slay



Remember next week I’ll be revealing part 2 to the art of seduction.

9 comments on “The Art Of seduction ||PART 1 OF 5

  1. Justine Spencer

    Totally agree with “it’s not what you have but what you do with what you have” – it’s so true! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to part 2 ☺️


  2. Jasmin N

    This was an interesting read. I agree with you on that, being playful & fun is naturally sexy 🙂


  3. helenevlacho

    Very interesting series, looking forward for number 2!


  4. I think it really really really comes down to confidence and how confident you feel in front of the camera as well as off it. I am the worst! You look great in the video but I feel like its just not something I could without dying of embarrassment. I would love to know your tips and tricks on how to grow your self confidence!


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