THE ART OF SEDUCTION PART 2 of 5 “Feeling Sexy”

For the uninspired woman: For decades they deceived us by planting seeds in our heads through different media channels (magazines, films, TV shows) that being sexy is exclusive to a certain type of female. As a result it created a huge divide in our sisterhood and made us very insecure. After feed back from part 1 of the art of seduction I noticed that a lot of you do not have the confidence  to make a sexy fun playful music video. Therefore below are some tips on how to get in the mood in order to feel sexy.

Stop being so hard on yourself .

Us women love to critique ourselves aswell as critique other women.  Not only do we compare ourselves to the girl who spent 5 hours in hair and make up  but we never think or feel that we are good enough. Sometimes we rely on our partners to make us feel whole again but the truth is we are not appreciating our true beauty.  My favourite book Kimora lee: Life in the fab lane teaches us that we should embrace the unusual qualities that make us different. If you’re tall wear high heels, if you have freckles don’t hide them and embrace them, If you have a big forehead tie your hair back and show it off. The first step to feeling sexy is to stop being so hard on yourself!

Make an effort

Seducing your date, partner or random stranger  isn’t for the faint hearted. If you don’t have enough confidence to star in your own music video like in part 1 We have a lot to work on.

Question: How do you expect to feel or look sexy when your armpits are not shaved and your hair is greasy ??

Some of you have already accepted that you’ll never be a sexy.  If this is the case then its time that you reflect on why that is.

Question: When was the last time you wholeheartedly pampered yourself ?

Question: When was the last time you engaged in activities that boosted your self-esteem ??

If you had struggles answering this or its been a long time! No wonder why you feel like you’ll never be sexy.

Ladies it’s time to start making an effort in everything you do, be a woman who adds quality to her life.

Who are your favourite sexy icons ??

Write a list of your favourite sexy icons and then write about what qualities make them sexy.


  • Angelina Jolie and Zoe Kraftix represent women who don’t have to try hard.Angie giphy
  • Confidence
  • The way she uses humour to be sexually suggestive
  • Emphasises her best assets (lips)


  • Mannerisms
  • Confidence
  • Doesnt stick to the status quo

This exercise was to assure you that being sexy  is more to do with ones mannerisms rather than physical attributes. If you found that your list contained a majority of physical attributes then you’re being very hard on your sexy icon which leads me to believe that you’re really hard on yourself!


Still not sure ? Don’t be afraid to ask !!

A majority of the time people see things in us that we don’t see in ourselves! So don’t be afraid to ask your best friend or your partner what they find sexy about you. Once you do this please don’t fight them just believe them.

Feeling sexy is all in the mind.

We’re all a work in progress and sometimes you have to say “fuck you” to the stereotypes. Did you know that you can feel sexy in any environment ?

  • Washing the dishes ( play some music, get your favourite gloves out wash those dishes nice and slow)
  • When having a bath (set the mood, candles, music and bubbles)
  • Wearing a scruffy tv shirt whilst playing video games.
  • When you’ve just got your hair and make up done.
  • Going food shopping and engaging in positives conversations with the locals.

In life the prettiest girl doesn’t always translate to  the sexist girl. How many times in the past did your immature mind say “why does this girl get so much attention from the guys she’s not even good-looking.”

Feeling and being sexy is a not exclusive to a certain type of Woman..


Stay tuned because in part 3 of the part 5 article of the art of seduction we will be talking about embracing our inner alter egos.


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