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The Perfect Christmas Gift Guide For Her

For the uninspired woman or man: Tis the season to be jolly and it’s also the season to be completely clueless in regards to buying her the perfect gift.  Fear not for I shall give you the perfect guide to keep you on the righteous path!

Her meaning: Girlfriend, Wife, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Cousin, Best friend and Work colleagues. Reminder: There are 5 types of gifts so choose the one that suits your budget and mindset.

  • Thoughtful Gift
  • Generic Gift
  • What she asked for
  • Money In a Card
  • An experience

Thoughtful Christmas gift


Shock Factor: 5/5

Gift Giver: Very thoughtful

Price: Varies

Great for mothers, cousins, sisters, grandmothers, girlfriends, fiance, wife

A thoughtful gift are for consumers with big hearts that value the true meaning of christmas. The aim of a thoughtful gift is to make the receiver feel loved, appreciated and listened to. There is no rule book on what creates the best gift although if you are having difficulties, think about the things she likes and try to personalise it and get creative.

Note: It’s very important that you add a christmas card to the gift so you can express the idea behind the gift 🙂

Below are a few examples of thoughtful gifts.


  • A mix tape of her favourite songs.
  • A signed copy of her favourite book
  • An illustrated family portrait
  • A Personalised Calender of all their pictures from Facebook/ Instagram.
  • A promise ring
  • On you can find a range of things you can personalise from calendars, bra

Generic Christmas Gift

Shock Factor: 3/5

Gift Giver: Decent to lazy

Price: Varies

Great gift  for: Mothers, cousins, sisters, grandmothers, friends , work colleagues.

Tis the season to be jolly. The Generic gift is perfect for the indecisive buyers. You will not disappoint her with this type of gift because these gifts tend to be trending items that are always in stock.

What makes this gift go from average to luxurious simply depends on how much money you are willing to spend.


  • A divine box of chocolates



  • Celebrity Perfume Set 


Be sure to choose an age appropriate perfume as they vary in smell. Do your research prior.



  • Alcohol / Wine

    chrismas ariana



    Everyone knows a lady who enjoys her evening meals with a glass of wine. We also know a lady who often gets drunk at family gatherings. This is the perfect gift for her.

    Find out what her favourite alcoholic beverage is, wrap it up with a nice christmas card and im sure she’ll be happy.


  • Comfy Slippers Set

Cheap and simple. This gift is perfect for sisters, mothers and grandmothers. I’m sure you will bring plenty of joy  to them in the cold months ahead.

Just make sure you know their foot size.



The greatest thing about buying books is that there are a lot to choose from.

Spend a few hours of your time in a bookstore and browse through the  awesome fictional novels, cook books, how to books even interior designing books. Browse through them all!



What she asked for

experience christmas .gif

Shock Factor: 1/5

Gift Giver: Excellent/ Good listener

Price: Ranges

Great gift  for everyone.

When a  woman tells you what she wants. Listen and buy it.

Money in a Christmas Card

money in a card

Shock Factor: 5/5

Gift Giver: Generous & Lazy

Price: £20 / Vouchers/ Gift card

Do you remember that niece of yours who’s studying in another city ?? Or maybe the cousin who has three kids that you dont see often?

Why not put some money in a card lazy gift giver. Its simple sweet and they’ll appreciate it.


An Experience

cardi b

Shock Factor: 5/5

Gift Giver: Amazing

Price: Average to expensive

Great for Girlfriends, fiance, wife and best friends.

An experience is the type of gift that you should buy for someone that you are close to and you know for a fact that they will appreciate it.  Websites like Virgin experiences and Wowcher are great for these type of things.

Below are a few examples of an experience gift.

  • In door sky diving
  • Pampering Day
  • helicopter ride
  • Music Event


Tis the season to be jolly and I hope this guide put you in the right path to choosing the perfect gift for her! Remeber Christams is about spending time with your loved ones so enjoy!!


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