5 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life 2018

For The Uninspired Woman: For those in long term relationships, sex can become very repetitive. Every relationship has different challenges, some of you ladies find yourself wishing he would cum quicker! and others find it frustrating when he keeps on pounding your dry vagina when you’ve expressed that you’ve cum and you’re over it.

The guilt creeps in and you start to feel bad so you decide to research 5ways to spice up your sex life.

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1) Get Creative




Creativity varies for everyone. Different strokes for different folks.

  •  Role Play – Can be sexually liberating for those who have a deep desire for fantasy. Role play brings your imagination to life. For those who are shy in the bedroom choose a character that will take you out of your comfort zone. Embrace your inner Nicki Minaj, be that slutty nurse you’ve always wanted to be, take control and own it girl! Unless you prefer to be submissive. Either way, you make the rules. Warning:  Do not get so caught up in role that you’ve missed the point of actually enjoying yourself and having great sex.
  • Dress up – Save some money and splurge on a bad ass outfit (Lingerie). A majority of men appreciate lingerie and they also appreciate ripping it off. Dress up for yourself with the intent to turn him/her out!
  • Book a hotel – If you can afford to splash some cash. Book a hotel order room service, buy rose petals, buy chocolates. Create a relaxing yet wild atmosphere.
  • Threesome- For the wild readers. All participants should get checked out and be free from HIV, AIDS and STI’s. #HealthIsWealth & use protection.



2) Make a Music Video

Do something sweet, sexy & savage for him/he by making a personalised music video. Send it to them whilst their at work. The anticipation to see you will drive them nuts!

We have the perfect step by step guide for you: Here


3) Visit a sex shop

When in doubt ladies enter a sex shop. If you prefer to touch goods rather then view them online, then the store is for you. They have the latest in trends, you can ask for advice and they contain vibrators, flavoured lubricants, rabbits, dildos, bondage, penis shaped sweets all at your disposal.

4) Be honest

Great sex requires communication. Don’t be afraid to speak up when your needs are not being met. Inform them on what works or show them. Faking you’re having a good time is only doing an injustice to yourself.


5) Have Sex In Public

  • Have you ever had the urge to drag him to the public toilets,  pull your knickers down and passionately kiss ??
  • Have you ever wanted to heavily make out behind the huge truck parked outside your sister’s house ??
  • Have you ever wanted to finger fuck in the park on a summers afternoon?

Do it, do it all. Spice up your sex life this year!


Articles about Sex uploaded every Thursday at 7pm


Wonita-Christine-TWOWe want all our dedicated readers to be inspired by the Wonita Christine movement. We believe that health is wealth and we will have articles to help you become one with your diet. We believe that it is important to have open constructive conversations about taboo subjects like sex and relationships. We also have a page called be inspired where you can look at other successful women that have inspirational stories.

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2 comments on “5 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life 2018

  1. Interesting, you’re definitely a kinky one but honestly this is refreshing to hear, how do people find people who want to do a threesome though ?

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