Sex: Im too scared to get tested

For The Uninspired Woman: Sex is supposed to be a pleasurable experience, Safe sex is a responsible decision and AIDS is deadly! It’s 2018 and we’re living in an era were leading a promiscuous lifestyle is not only celebrated but very common. With that being said not everyone can be trusted.

Below are crucial reasons on why you should get tested.

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1)  Worrying is scarier than knowing


It’s 2018 which means it’s very common for us to use technology to diagnose ourselves. We tend to spend hours on random articles associated with our symptoms rather than go to the doctors or the pharmacy. We spend days and months worrying, when the truth is, it’s less stressful to book an appointment and find out whats really going on.

2) It’s a simple process


Reminder: The staff at sexual health clinics see thousands of people a week.  The process is very simple. A quick swob, a urine sample and a text message 4 days later.  For those who have never been tested it’s natural to feel anxious but make sure you research your clinic and bring a friend if you’re really nervous.

3) Your Partner/Ex was unfaithful


Love, trust and honesty are a few key elements that drive a successful relationship. When trust and honesty are broken the relationship is at risk. Emotions tend to be incredibly high and often time people forget to get tested. Sometimes love clouds our judgement. Regardless of the circumstance (even if it was safe sex) It’s your duty to get tested because your partner/ex has put your sexual health at risk.


4) Entering a New Relationship

Entering a new relationship is so much fun, the highs are really high and the lows are not that low. Both parties should get tested before venturing on a sexual journey. Not only is it responsible but it shows that you both respect each other.

5) You have an STD!

Unfortunately the worse case yet common scenario is that you may have caught a treatable or deadly STD. Get tested before the situation gets worse and so you can prevent spreading your disease to an innocent person that you deeply care about.


Get tested because it’s the smart thing to do,

Get tested because it the right thing to do,

Get tested because you respect yourself and respect others,

Get tested! 




Debra Hurd

Art by Debra Hurd

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