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Be Inspired: Sylvia Okyere Screen Writer

For The Uninspired Woman: No matter how big your dream is start small and believe in yourself. This year we want all you lovely ladies to understand that anything is possible. Meet Sylva Okyere she started with a vision and has premiered her first web series in December 2017.

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Sylvia in Wonita Christine Wear
A True Wonita Christine woman wears Red Lips and a White outfit
Sylvia in Wonita Christine wear
A True Wonita Christine woman wears Red Lips and a White outfit

We had the opportunity to interview best friend to the website and the Wonita Christine movement Sylvia Okyere, in our exclusive studio (Cloud Green Studios). Born and raised in Hackney, London Sylvia took a huge leap of faith, gathered a team and took first concrete step into following her dreams. She created her own webseries called Pillow Talks.  Below is an exclusive fun interview were we play games and talk to her about what inspired her, what inspires her and how we all can be inspired by her!

Scroll down to watch the exclusive interview, to see pictures of the premier and to watch the web series which stars the founder and editor of Wonita Christine Miss Keisha George.

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The Pillow Talks Premier




The Be Inspired Interview.


Pillow Talks the web series



Wonita-Christine-TWOWe want all our dedicated readers to be inspired by the Wonita Christine movement. Mondays: Be inspired, Tuesdays: Health, Thursday: Sex, Friday: Relationships. Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe.

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14 comments on “Be Inspired: Sylvia Okyere Screen Writer

  1. Lara Olivia

    That is so cool and inspiring! The only way any of us can achieve our goals is to reach for them! xx


  2. This is awesome! Feeling the inspiration and feeling proud of our London gal! Much love from a traveling UK lass in India. I will defo subscribe and keep on watching and reading ❤


  3. Love the inspirational video! You guys are so fun to watch! Continue vlogging!


  4. pacificbella

    thanks for the inspirational vlog! keep vlogging! you guys are super fun to watch! love it!


  5. Jasmin N

    This was so inspirational! I once wanted to become a screen writer, don’t know where that ambition left off 😀


  6. Yay! Excited to check out this web series after watching this inspiring interview. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Analesha Little

    The vlog is so cool! Thanks for sharing it!


  8. kanishka

    Very inspiring! The web series seems inspiring. Really pumped up after visiting the page.


  9. I love love web series and I’ll be watching…fun interview…love the youthful vibe


  10. Lovely and inspiring post! And btw, I love your spirit – you guys sure had some great time creating the content for this post. 🙂


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