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Be Inspired: How To Rise Above Negativity

For The Uninspired Woman: Negativity is our worst enemy disguised as our best friend. She will comfort us in our time of need and then remind us that we will never amount to anything without her. She’ll tell us what we want to hear even though it’s not true. She’ll consume our time and make us over think situations. She’ll even hang out with our friends when she wasn’t invited. She clings onto them but no one likes a clinger! After a while the people in your life slowly drift away.  You then realise that you’re struggling to detach yourself from her. It becomes you, yourself and negativity.

Fear not because below are some crucial tips to help you rise above the negativity in your life.

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Accept that Stress is inevitable


No matter how much we try to avoid stress, there will always be an uncontrollable force heading in our direction aiming to impact our lives. Some people strive to live a stress free life.

Question: What is life without stress ?

Answer: Heaven ?

We tend to forget that it’s about how we handle these situations that determine whether or not we fail under pressure.

Accepting that stress is inevitable is the first step to not only tackling the negativity in your life but accepting that you are just as human as everybody else.


A negative experience is a learning experience.


It’s very annoying when you have to see the positive side to a f**ked up situation. It’s incredibly frustrating when you put all your trust in an establishment or a person and they completely exceed your expectations and let you the f**k down.

Crying will help you feel better but it will not change the situation. Ladies we need to experience that type of pain and never let it happen again.

Question: How do you make sure it never happens again ?

Answer: We can’t control another persons actions but we can control ours. We can reflect and do better. We can write down our concerns. We can make better decisions. We need to forgive ourselves and move on to bigger and better things.


We all need perspective

Perspective is important because it allows us to understand the world in a unique way. They say that birds of a feather flock together. Therefore how are you suppose to gain new knowledge if you’re hanging out with the same birds.  Take a leap of faith and hang out with different social groups and new couples.

In relationships it’s very easy to become co dependant. It’s also very easy to put yourself down and cater to only your partners needs

Queston: Why is perspective so important ?

Answer: Sometimes we need a wake up call that our local friends can’t give us no matter how much they tried. The perspective of another can change your life! 

Stop comfort eating.

We are grown adults that need to stop making excuses when it comes to comfort eating. Comfort eat because you’re happy and celebrating life. The moment you start eating because you’re depressed and stressed is when things will drastically get worse!

Excessive eating, bloated, feelings of sickness, negative thoughts, tired, fatigue, stinky farts, breakouts on your face, low self-esteem.  Sound familiar ?

Check out our  health  post for guidance to get back on the right track.

Question: I like to comfort eat when im sad, it makes me feel better is that wrong ?

Answer: Comfort eating makes a lot of people temporarily feel happy but for some it can trigger a depression so why not be safe and stick to eating good food when stressed and pig out when you’re feeling good. 


Accept the help and lovely words from your friends.


When we’re feeling down it’s important to spend time with the friends that have our best interest at heart. The friends that tell us that we are great, that we are important and that we matter in life. Just accept all their positive energy and invitations.

Question: They tell me im amazing but never help me why is that ?

Answer: Everyone has issues and not everyone wants to broadcast how they are really feeling inside. Today is not the day to challenge their loyalty to you but it’s the day to accept their kind words, cherish their words and believe it.




Who said it was bad vent ?

F**k            S**t        C**t   B***tch      Ass     D**k face

Vent and curse until your heart’s content.

Warning: Make sure you’re venting to a person/people who are non judgemental and are not taking you too seriously. We all need to curse, exaggerate and talk about things that make us unhappy.  But we need to be in a space that has been created to for the sole purpose of venting.


Embrace positivity in all forms


From self gude books to inspirational videos to motivational speeches embrace positivity  in all forms. You’ll be so surprised how beneficial indulging in positive thoughts can be. Even writing postive thoughts on sticky notes can brighten up your day. TRY IT

Check out Wisdom Wednesdays series for positive uplifting videos





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10 comments on “Be Inspired: How To Rise Above Negativity

  1. Jasmin N

    I really needed to read this post, thank you.
    Amazing tips 🙂


  2. It’s such a skill to turn negativity into positivity. But once you master it, you’ve pretty much figured out life! Great article.


  3. “What is life with out stress?” “Heaven” is going to be my new mantra when I’m at work. It’s so unrealistic to think we can live in a stress-free environment all the time. This will definitely remind me that feeling stressed also makes me feel ALIVE! Thanks girl. 🙂


  4. thiscurvylife

    So One pointer for me about the comfort eating, I do that and also that negative talk, man listen, it takes ppl down faster than any weapon and sometimes we can use it as a crutch to excuse not getting things done. Unacceptable in 2018 man. Down with that crap! Loved this post and I love your Wisdom Wednesday video. Suscribed boo!


  5. I’ve always loved the quote, “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” We do have a choice and we can choose to live above the negativity. Well done!


  6. helenevlacho

    Wonderful reading and so inspirational! We all need this motivated words in our lives!


  7. This is a great post – I think its really important to keep things in perspective. I find myself getting really nervous and anxious over easily solved and very minor things, and it gets me really down. Keeping things in perspective definitely will help!
    Emily xx


  8. These are great ways to rise above negativity. It is so important to realize stress comes. But growth does come about through stress.


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