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Let’s try some Vegan Pasta!!!!

For The Uninspired Woman: Little old London is slowly becoming a more health conscious city. With the rise in small vegan businesses, more alternative dairy and meat products in shops, intense conversations about the effects of how meat and dairy foods cause diseases etc.  I thought that it would be the perfect time to tell you about my visit to  Piadina Genuina a vegan Italian street food cafe in Hackney.

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On the 1st February 2018 I persuaded my cousin to dine with me at Piadina Genuina. In the last year I’ve been very passionate about what foods I put into my body. By no means am I a vegetarian or vegan but I have cut down on eating meat by 80% and often try to find alternatives to dairy products. ( it’s going to be hard for me to cut out cranberry cheese 😦 ).

The cafe seats roughly 12 people, very intimate. I was welcomed by the sweet aroma of italian spices.  I quickly grabbed a menu, connected to the wi-fi and sat down.

 Tagliatelle Bolognese and Carbonara.


First thoughts: This is so f**king tasty ! and hmmmm this taste like normal pasta !!

Cousins First thoughts: “wow, it was melt in your mouth tasty”

I pride myself in giving honest food reviews because I love food and would never lie about an experience because there’s nothing to gain and I want to support new good businesses.

The pasta: The pasta was light and tasted like normal pasta.

The Bolognese: Was absolutely tasty and full of flavour. For those of you who are new to meat alternatives a friendly reminder: it tastes  nothing like meat so don’t get your hopes up. It also doesn’t taste like quorn mince lol. I can’t describe the taste but it was really good.

Cheese: The cheese didn’t taste of anything, I did crave for a mature cheddar taste but you can’t fake that.


Cheese Cake Berry compote (Gluten-free)

IMG_0770I’ve always said that I will fully convert to a vegan lifestyle if I can a dessert worthy of converting ( I love cake, custard, cream etc)

Question: It looks like cheese cake but does it taste like one ?

Answer: No unfortunately the consistency of this cheese cake is very light and fluffy almost replicating mousse. This is a gluten-free cheese cake so maybe that’s why the consistency is completely different. If you’re a super fan of non vegan cheesecake don’t get your hopes but other than that it does taste nice.

The Price List



The service

My first visit to the cafe was on Thursday, in the early evening (5:30pm) it was empty, the chef and one waiter were very attentive, friendly, and willing to talk about the food etc.

On my second visit on the weekend it was very busy as you could imagine  however the service was incredibly slow, the chef was accompanied by three other workers.  I waited 30 minutes for my food to arrive.  I had to ask the waitress how much longer will I have to wait. I was incredibly frustrated because I saw people who ordered take out, get served before me aswell as the guy sitting next to me who came in a tad later than I did (who ordered a side) get served before me.  I personally would have appreciated it if someone would have noticed that we (me & my cousin again) were waiting for so long especially in a small cafe.

I decided to order take out on my third visit. I was at home and I rang them to order my favourite Tagliatelle Bolognese, I was told that it would be prepared in 15 minutes. I arrived 20 minutes later expecting my food to be ready but i had to wait another 10 minutes. which equals 30 minutes. If you order take out no one wants to wait even longer to collect. I expect you to give me a better estimation of the time i had to wait. I wouldn’t of minded waiting 30 minutes at home


Heres a video of our expierence.


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6 comments on “Let’s try some Vegan Pasta!!!!

  1. Jasmin N

    This sounds absolutely amazing! Would love to try this out 🙂


  2. Couldn’t agree more about vegan cheese but you win some you lose some. Great review.


  3. helenevlacho

    The place looks wonderful and I would definitely love to try their plates! I love pasta, whatever pasta!


  4. That plate of pasta looks delicious! I love that more and more options are coming to London.


  5. Lara Olivia

    I love piadina! Great to see they include vegan and gluten-free options too.


  6. thiscurvylife

    I love Tagliatelle. I hate when Takeaway takes too long. Whats the point right? I could have just eaten in the restaurant!


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