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Be Inspired: My Favourite Beauty YouTubers

For The Uninspired Woman Are you fed up of watching the same old beauty gurus with lackluster personalities. ? 

Fear not because after careful consideration and hours of watching these fabulous women. I’ve chosen my top 4 beauty Gurus. Meet Irisbelin, Jayde Pierce, Patricia Bright and Jackie Ania.



Meet Jayde Pierce || The Glamorous vlogsIMG_0938

If you’re looking for a channel that provides you with natural make up looks, down to earth vibes accompanied by glamorous trips abroad. Then Jaydes channel is for you!

The family orientated model gives us an insight into her life. From modelling trips to Miami to beauty blogger trips to Italy. You truly feel like your delving into her world and the opportunities that have been given to her since starting YouTube. Some of you may recognise Jayde from the tabloids because she was dating Justin Bieber a few years ago! She was also very known on Instagram for hanging around the infamous Tasz Angels a group of women who posted provocative videos online. It’s easy to assume the type of person she is based on the stigma associated with those people. However Jayde surpasses those expectations and she really is a down to earth girl who enjoys a bit of banter.  We watch her become a woman before our eyes from moving into her first apartment in london, falling in love, falling pregnant and moving into a new house. 

Jayde has also had her first make up masterclass last year

Check out Jaydes YouTube below









 Meet Irisbeilin || Flawless Make Up IMG_0932.JPG

Meet the latina diva Irisbeilin the Queen of flawless makeup.

Diversity is incredibly important in the beauty industry and seeing different shades of faces that reflect beauty is equally important. For a long time I kept coming across Black women on YouTube that I couldn’t fully identify with shade wise. I then came across Irisbeilin a Black latina who was the same shade of brown as me.

A perfectionist in her craft of make up. Irisbeilin is wiling to try new products and try new trends. She’s incredibly beautiful yet very humble,  if you want to go that extra mile to perfect your make up routine choose Irisbelin! 



Meet Jackie Aina || Miss Controversial 


Jackie Jackie Jackie. Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie  (If you know then you know)

Meet Jackie Ania the beauty guru that all YouTubers could learn from! Not only is she educated but her true beauty lies within her honesty and ability to make us trust her through a screen. Some of you may recognise Jackie in the media for giving a brutally honest review about Kim Kardashian make up line KKW beauty. After she had been invited to Kims house for the launch. Jackie has faced a lot of backlash but regardless she never let that get her down.  

I came across Jackies videos a few years ago but I wasn’t keen on watching it, until one night I was really tired and I thought let me see what all the fuss is about and I was greeted by Jackie Jackie Jackie and as a few days past I decided to subscribe. For those of you who prefer a dialogue based beauty tutorial with her personalised views then Jackie is your girl! She also has another channel with her english black british boyfriend which is really entertaining because they’re such a cute smart couple with good shoulders on their head. 




Patricia Bright|| The Queen of buying outfits


Meet Patricia Bright she shines bright like a diamond, she your best friend next door who is very entertaining!!!

Im not that keen in her beauty videos because she isnt really the best at make up applcation in regards to learning frm her however! Her latest clothes haul “I spent *inserts* crazy amounts of money on clothes” is so entertaining.

She buys clothes from popular online brands like Fashion Nova, Missguided, Pretty little thing etc and tries  them on. It’s hillarious because it’s relateable and we can all relate to ordering clothes online and it not quite being the right fit. As a potential customer she saves us from a diaster and lets us know whether it’s worth buying. 








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6 comments on “Be Inspired: My Favourite Beauty YouTubers

  1. I only have heard about Jackie Aina and I know to watch her videos because of her honesty. For other vlogers I didn’t came a cross before. I’ll check them out 😀


  2. helenevlacho

    Well, I love watching beauty youtubers but never really heard of them. I follow only a few people as my free time is limited. I need to check for new people though! Great presentation!


  3. These ladies sound really interesting and I will definitely check them all out – thanks for the recommendations!


  4. Jasmin N

    Thanks for the recommendations! They sound absolutely wonderful 🙂 I’ve fallen out of the whole youtube thing, haven’t had time to watch any videos for a year or so haha.


  5. Thank you for the recomendations! I love finding new beauty inspo on youtube!


  6. I don’t really watch beauty gurus but the last ones spending hauls do sound entertaining my check her out 🙂


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