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Don’t hold back || Sex Poem || Vol 1

For The Uninspired Woman: In celebration of National Poetry Month. This month we are dedicating 4 posts every Thursday to poems about sex written by me. This one is called Don’t Hold Back I hope this inspires you and uplifts your mentality in the bedroom.  We will also be uploading the audio to this poem on our channel. 

Articles about sex uploaded every Thursday

Don’t hold back 

Kiss my feet, fat and vagina flaps.

Don’t hold back

Look deep into my black hole never mind the iris.

Don’t hold back

There is no time to think, only feel, take the wheel, feel the pressure of my heart, that’s a start.

Don’t hold back

Lean into me, it wont be long until you get strong and I’ll make sure it carries on

Don’t hold back

Skin to skin is a double win, move out the way and let me in

Don’t hold back

wrap it up and keep us safe through the night, all aboard as the plane takes flight. Feel the chills down my spine maybe its time for some whine. Sip a little and I’ll get loose. 

Don’t hold back

as the stars align, take the time to feel the force. Everything is blacked out and the light won’t save you. But he’ll be your saviour, or he might disappear during labour. who knows if the condom will work ? 99% and you might have 1.

Don’t hold back



If you enjoyed this then stay tuned for next weeks upload Vol 2

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