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If you’re not a creative don’t fall in love with a creative ?

For The Uninspired Woman: A recent tweet from rapper Wale struck a chord with me when he said  “If you’re not a creative, don’t fall in love with a creative, save yourself”

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In a world where individuals are celebrated for working a 9-5 just to stay alive.

There’s a place in far far away land called the creative camp. A camp where all the creatives of the world go to sit in a corner and work on their dreams. They stay up all night perfecting their craft. Late nights mean terrible eating habits and lots of stress. They self promote, network and slightly go insane, with hopes that their loved ones understand their hustle and accept that they won’t be broke forever……. 




Actors, Photographers,  MUA’s,  Writers, Painters,  Musicians, Designers, Dancers, Models

Choosing to live your life as a creative may not be a wise decision for the faint hearted. It takes a lot of hard work, time, patience, energy and tons of sacrifice. Especially if you don’t come from a wealthy background and/or don’t have a support system.

Remember: To Create is to evoke emotion and not everyone creates with the intentions of becoming rich or wanting fame.

Is it wise to fall in love with a creative ?

We all deserve to fall in love with the right person and being compatible is a crucial component to maintaining a loving relationship. But only you can truly determine whether or not their career conflicts with your relationship.

Positives VS Negatives


Creatives are fascinating individuals with interesting personalities. To witness their abilities and continuous growth is a blessing. When inspired they can show you another world and take you out of your comfort zone. They fully embrace support aswell as encourage it. Once they have found a real drive for their passion they become unstoppable, they learn to prioritize whats really important to them. They seek out the people who are holding them back and go full throttle for those who push them. By no means are they perfect and the lack of sleep and weird routine patterns leave them in a vulnerable position. This is your chance to swoop in and settle them, cradle them and love them unconditionally.


Wale said “Save yourself”  For a lot of creatives their occupations define them, some believe that they were born to do this particular job, they eat, breathe and sleep their jobs. In fact it’s less of a job and more of a gift. A gift that can only get better with time. Time is what we all don’t have enough of. You may experience a lot of neglect, late nights, new weird friendships, hey they may even go into hibernation. Just remember if they say it’s not personal  believe them. 

Money: For a lot of people this is a deal breaker. Aspiring artists tend to be broke. They have a savings account and just enough money to get by and fund their projects. Being an independent photographer, musician anything is extremely tough! and working a part-time job or having full-time job whilst juggling their dreams on the side is enough stress for one person let alone two people, let alone a person who doesn’t understand what it takes to thrive.  

Sensitive: Creatives are sensitive about their work! When they’re engaging in a conversation about their projects, future plans, new ideas or asking for advice. LISTEN or be honest and say you’re not in the mood.

This is their lives! they are expressing to you something that truly means the world to them. It’s completely different from the work you do. You have a routine, set schedules, a boss, set holidays and a guarenteed payday. So don’t use that against us when we can’t stand hearing about how annoyed you are at work because Carol didnt file the papers -.-

Being Understanding 

If you’re going to date or fall in love with a creative you have to be understanding. It’s incredibly difficult and brave to go against the status quo of what the world thinks we should be doing. Creatives know that they could get a regular 9-5 job and live in a comfortable state. But we only live one life and sometimes you have to grab what you want by the balls and not let go. Networking events are held at different venues and sometimes its an excuse to party and sometimes it’s strictly business. 

Remember: A dick is a dick. So if a person is playing you then pick up on those signs. 

A Creative loving a Creative 

Whether you are an aspiring or an established creative. The greatest thing about this type of love is that there is a unique understanding built-in their foundation. There is a unique outlook to the world that can be magical. Yes every relationship is different and faces different challenges. But we all want to be understood. 

“If you’re not a creative, don’t fall in love with a creative, save yourself” 


Other peoples opinion on twitter

  • “I am creative, but I keep getting with “non-creatives” and most times they don’t “get it.” I find myself explaining my actions a lot and it gets tiring.”


  • “THIS!!!!!! I know when i get in my zone i need space. Sometimes i dont want to be bothered.”


  • “Hmmmm a creative and non creative relationship might be tough but I think as long as you find someone that completely supports your art then what else do you need? If they worship you that’s an even better feeling lol compatibility is what matters”


  • “I agree with but that is also the point. You have to be a little selfish, self destructive and arrogant to achieve levels of immortality. Where your name is known for generations to come” 


  • “It’s not about on being better than the other. It’s just a difference that sometimes causes major issues in relationships.”


  • “Nah. The creatives can handle the non creatives. It’s typically the non creatives that get driven crazy buy the artists. Lol”



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6 comments on “If you’re not a creative don’t fall in love with a creative ?

  1. helenevlacho

    That was really an interesting reading! We can’t be all creative or not, there will be grey between black and white but yes, sometimes creative people can understand better each other.


  2. Jasmin N

    This was such an interesting read. I agree with Helene, not everything is always so black and white but in some circumstances I think people who think alike understands each other better.


  3. You’re right! I can be difficult for someone to “put up” with a creative person. And the world doesn’t look at it as the norm! Luckily my husband and I are on the same wave link!


  4. This title got me laughing as I have had this same conversation with other creatives. The union between a blogger and a photographer would be amazing right? The perks… I respect the diverse career path.. understanding should be the key


    • wonitachristine

      it’s a really good topic because everyone opens up an reveals why their relationships didnt work and all that jazz


  5. Levy Payton

    This article just limited what a creative is to mostly entertainment. A creative person will never be satisfied with a person who doesn’t enjoy creating, the un creative person will have a negative influence of that persons creativity and bring a wedge between the two. The un creative will become annoyed by the creative getting a idea out the blue and jumping out the bed at night to act on that idea. The un creative person will never understand the mind of a creative person.


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