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Wonita Christine set to star in Creed City: Origins (Comic Book)

For The Uninspired Woman: From a website to a graphic novel! Some of you may have been under the impression that Wonita Christine was just a website dedicated to inspiring the uninspired woman. Which is true however there is one thing I forgot to tell you. All the secrets will be revealed…. 


Meet Wonita Christine the superhero

Her Mission: To inspire the uninspired woman.

Superhero powers: to be revealed in the comic book. 

Art work byAriel S Viola

Age: 21

Occupation: Student

Abilities: Hair Manipulation

Fact: Wonita has complete control over her hair, allowing her to freely alter, grow out, chance texture, color, etc., shape and manipulate it as if it was appendage, weave the hair into different shapes, etc. Due to hair lacking nerves or being directly affected by changes in the nervous system, attacks and damage are virtually harmless to the user.

Wonita Christine will star in her first graphic novel Anthology called Creed City: Origins. It will feature 3 other incredible ladies. Set in Author Paris Newsams, Creed City. Each story follows the origins of how they discover their powers.

The story follows Wonita Christine in university, we discover her love for female empowerment and why it began. We also see her go through trails and tribulations as she discovers her powers.

The Importance Of Inspiring Young Girls

It’s crucial that the next generation of females become fearless inspired women who go after their dreams. Creating content that women of colour in particular can identify with will enable them to explore a world beyond oppression. The aim is to make a young girl feel empowered by her skin colour and culture with the intention to evoke emotion that will lead her to thrive.

A graphic novel isn’t everyones cup of tea however there is a huge demographic that enjoy them and just like any other industry there is lack of diversity. I want trends like the rise in black superhero stories, being told through television and movies to become the new norm. The idea is to give a young girl hope.  I want her to feel empowered by culture and her colour.

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11 comments on “Wonita Christine set to star in Creed City: Origins (Comic Book)

  1. helenevlacho

    This is so cool! I am not so into comic books and but the story behind this, is really interesting!


  2. This is someone I have never heard of but already loving it!! I have never thought of having the most perfect hair as a super strength!!


    • wonitachristine

      thank you so much…i’ll be updating everyone with the process. it’s an awesome story


  3. Wow how cool! I really like how inspirational this is.
    Xo, Sondra


  4. Jasmin N

    This is so inspirational, and I love the story behind it 🙂 keep up the good work, can’t wait to hear more of the process 🙂


  5. Wow, that’s a badass superhero! I love the art and the story behind the character.


  6. Love the look/costume…This was interesting to read… I’ll love to read updates as well


    • wonitachristine

      thank you so much, i will keep you updated…its going to be a very long process but amazing !! thank you for commenting x


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