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Bulu set to star in Creed City: Origins (Comic Book)

For The Uninspired Woman: Each character in Creed City: Origins represents a female in society that I’m sure that you all can identify with.  Author Rosario Blue takes us into her world and her reasoning behind her character Bulu. 

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Meet Bulu Baal the superhero 

Her mission: To find her sisters 

Art work by: Ariel S Viola

Age: 31 

Occupation: Scientist and programmer

Abilities: Empathy, Enhanced speed and strength 

Fact: Her blue coat is not just for the purpose of being absolutely fabulous. When fused with Bulu psionically, her coat transmogrifies into certain inanimate objects and animals.  

Bulu Baal is set to star in her first graphic novel Anthology called Creed City: Origins. It will feature 3 other incredible ladies. Set in Author Paris Newsams, Creed City. 

Bulu had a rough childhood after being placed in an orphanage at the age of five. It’s not clear who put Bulu into the orphanage or why, but she was subject to testing by Bio-tech core due to her unusual ability to detect peoples’ intentions based on their mood changes and emotions.

Rather than focus on finding out about her background, Bulu has to deal with the betrayal of the only person she has ever trusted.


Meet Author Rosario Blue 

Rosario is a writer and freelance journalist, with a background in theatre and housing and homelessness legislation. She’s an activist and a global goodwill ambassador for a charity called Postcards for Peace. She has a strong passion for comic books, manga and anime and in her own words she “pretty much couldn’t live without my games and consoles.”

What inspired you to create Bulu ?

What inspired me to create Bulu was my love of the colour Blue and star signs. I wanted her to be representative of me and so many other women that are strong, resilient and a bit nuts.

I feel there is still so much misunderstanding regarding what constitutes true strength. I believe that being in touch with your emotions is not a weakness. She is a Cancer, the most emotional star sign in the zodiac, the eternal mothers; nurturer.

That’s how the women in my life are, especially my Mother, who is a cancer and the strongest woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

I am also of Nigerian heritage so I wanted that to be a part of my character somehow, hence the name ‘Bulu’ which is the Yoruba word for Blue. You will later on find a few other Yoruba namedrops later on in the story. I’ve always loved psychology and understanding people, I’m obsessed with astrology and cosmology and personality tests, specifically Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) questionnaires.

A, some-might-say, unhealthy love of the colour blue coupled with my pride and love for my Nigerian heritage is how I ended up with Bulu and this is why she is so much more than just a character to me—some, actually a lot of people argue that she is me. I’m happy to leave people guessing on that one. 



See you next week for character reveal number 3 


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