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Wombyn n Child | An Action Packed Sci-Fi Comic Book

For The Uninspired Woman:  Be inspired by a progressive piece of intersectional feminism. Wombyn n Child is a sci fi comic book that follows the story of Nia D’jie, a single mother who fights to protect her son, as he is the chosen child destined to put an end to a war between two ancient civilisations.  Author & Creator Paris Newsam gives us an insight into the thought process behind this amazing project.  

Can you tell us more about the story ?

The story is set in my fictional city, Creed City.  It’s set in the year 2149 AD so technologically society has advanced significantly. An event called the Singularity has happened, this is the fusion of man and machine. Trans-humanism is the big trend. Unfortunately only the rich can afford it. We follow the story of Nia D’jie, a single mother who fights to protect her son as he is the chosen child destined to put an end to a war between two ancient civilisations (one spiritual the other technological) as their war reaches it’s climax. We meet a massive cast of characters along the way. I’m very ambitious with the amount of different demographics. I’ve made an effort to represent as many people as I can in this story.

People tend to enjoy characters that they can either identify with or admire. What character traits does Nia D’jie portray ?

Nia D’jie, is fearless. In the start of the comic she’s a young Mum, determined and optimistic.  She always believed that she was meant for something greater than she is. Slightly misunderstood yet proud of who she is and her small achievements.

Illustration by Eric. A Carmen Sr
Illustration by Eric. A Carmen Sr


Without giving away too much can you tell us your favourite scene ?

The last scene. All I can say is, it’s my favourite because it’s the first action scene of the series and it sets the tone of the style of action we want to portray throughout the series. 

Its Epic.

What is it like working with illustrator  Eric A. Carman Sr. ?

Working with Eric is great. We have a very communicative working relationship. Theres trust for each others craft. He has faith in the script and I have faith in his artistic input. His style perfectly suits the rawness of the story. He’s invested as much as I am in the project and we both are excited to show you all what we have in store


Illustration by Eric. A Carmen Sr
Illustration by Eric. A Carmen Sr



Meet The Author Paris Newsam 


Why in particular did you decided to create a story about a single black mother ?

I LOVE THE MATRIX. I’ve always wanted to create a similar type of story. A cyberpunk setting, machines etc. Some of my favourite characters are the badass female characters in movies. I preferred Trinity over Neo. I love Ripley from Alien. Every time I play a computer game that requires me to create a character I end up creating a woman. I’m most definitely tired of seeing the same face play the protagonist or hero. I sat there and really dug deep. I wanted to create a hero everybody/most people can relate too. A parent. I wanted to create a believable hero. Not a predestined hero, but a hero of circumstance. I looked at everyone and everything around me and found no person more formidable or geared to survive the trials and tribulations of the story then a woman, a mother, a black single mother. I’ve been surrounded and taken care of by black women my entire life. It’s not just black women though. It’s women in general. I make a big point in this comic at pointing out the world being in the state it is because of the decision of men. The women that feature in the comic will all play a part in making the world a better place.

What defines a strong woman to you ?

Erm I’m not too sure what defines a weak woman so I don’t think I know or have the answer to what defines a strong woman. I don’t believe there are any things in particular a woman can do or any attributes she must have to be considered strong. As far as I know they’ve all been stronger then I am lol

How has your upbringing shaped you into the author you are today ?

Growing up I was always into things like computer games, comic books. Every and anytime I had a birthday or xmas present it was always one of the two. I used to play with toys, action figures in my bedroom. Create entire story lines and scenes with the toys. I actually reckon they were some of my best material lol I could always pop my head into the clouds and enjoy a good anime or book but was also brought up to see things for what they are. This allowed me to mix both the realism’s of life and the joys of fiction which has basically become a premise for all of my writing

What do you want women in to take from this ?

I just want them to have the same feeling I had watching black panther. Them to really be able to identify with and support the hero and imagine themselves as the hero of a sci-fi action series. Everyone should be able to have that experience.  


Illustration by Eric. A Carmen Sr
Illustration by Eric. A Carmen Sr



Wombyn n child is set to be released for digital download in July and available in print in August 2018. 

Illustartions by Eric. A Carmen Sr


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  1. helenevlacho

    Oh, looks like an interesting story! And I love the illustration here!


  2. Jasmin N

    This sounds absolutely wonderful! I’m not that into comics but the illustration is gorgeous!


  3. This sounds very interesting! Great story line. The illustration is amazing as well, wow!
    xo, Sondra


  4. Such a unique concept! Thank you for sharing this, this is so interesting and timely!


  5. Usually I am not into these type of books but this sounds like an interesting story. Those illustrations are so cool!


  6. The illustrations are stunning and the comic seems very interesting!


  7. Wow this is such an interesting story. Such a different concept but I’m liking it.


  8. Lovely to see another character… seems interesting.. Thumbs up to the team


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