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Wise words from Daria Savannah

For the Uninspired Woman: Meet Houston singer Daria Savannah. She did an amazing cover of Cardi B’s – Be Careful which reached over 12,000 views on YouTube. We have an exclusive interview with her and want you all to be a part of her journey towards success.

Can you describe one pivotal moment in your life that shaped you into the woman you are today ?

When I was 16 years old, I auditioned for American idol for the first time. I watched the show every year until that moment, so I was pretty confident that I was going to make it to the show and do great! I sang for about 30 seconds and was told no and that I would not be advanced to the next round. I cried like a baby and ran to my daddy’s arm as soon as it was over. That was my first lesson on how “No” would be very influential in my life over the next few years.

Who were your musical influences growing up ?

My musical influences were Mariah Carey, Destiny’s Child and Beyoncé, as well as Whitney Houston.They were women who held so much power when they sang and I loved that. I used to sing in the mirror pretending I was Beyoncé with my hairbrush, it was the funniest thing! I wanted to be as powerful as all of those beautiful ladies.





Why did you decide to attend university if your passion was singing ?

My mom made sure I knew that it was a must that I go to college, because singing wasn’t a certain career. Most of my family wanted me to go to school, so I did for them. It was until a few years later, I understood why college was so necessary. College taught me how to be professional, how to meet deadlines, and how to speak properly amongst other things. Taking communication classes actually taught me how to beat stage fright, and how to enunciate my words better when singing. I never gave up singing through college, I just understood that college was a part of my purpose and it was priority at the time.


Are you the type of person who sings everywhere and anywhere ?

Believe it or not, I am a bit shy! My mom used to always put me on the spot at every family function and I hated it lol! I am growing out of it now, and mentally preparing myself to be put on the spot because you never know when your opportunity will be sitting at the bar, in a museum, outside at the park, or in church.

The Business

What can we expect from you ?
You can expect authenticity, transparency, and love from me. Starting your own business, or marketing yourself in the music industry is tough! I always wished there was someone giving me inspiration and motivation to keep following my dreams. I had to learn that for myself, I feel like a lot of artists make it and then forget about those humbling experiences and teachings. I want to be the one to do that, to come back to music schools or local live music spots encouraging artists and people to keep going!

Do you have a target audience ?
My target audience is the world! The same as Jesus’ love and grace is available for anyone in the world who believes in him. Anyone who believes in me and sees my heart is my target audience. Everyone deserves inspiration, love, guidance, and an ear to listen.


Which cover song/ original song of yours has the ability to uplift someone ?
I am in the process of writing for my first original project. I have many songs that are inspirational, because most of the popular music today exemplifies temporary happiness, which doesn’t really uplift anyone (not long-term anyway) You’ll be able to be inspired while you’re bobbing your head on the way to church, the club or while twerking in the mirror at home! Lol

What has your relationship with God taught you ?
My relationship with God has taught me that his way is better! When I was trying to book events and be seen by certain people, without God’s help, nothing was working for me. Now that I’ve let go and let God, people ask me for opportunities, they come and find me for events or advice. I used to do this solely because I wanted popularity. Now I sing, because I truly am happy, because every time I open my mouth to sing I am showcasing what God can do. How did I, of all people inherit a gift as amazing as singing the way I can? I do not deserve a blessing such as that but, that’s nobody but God, and I will
continue to put him first in all that I do, because only what I do for Christ will last.

What has you previous romantic relationships taught you about music ?
All those stanky boys that treated me as if I was not special have helped me write some of my greatest hits! Music is a great medicine, there are songs for sadness, regret, joy, hard times, inspiration and everything in between. Everyone has been through things and music tells those stories and brings us together.

What do you want your legacy to be ?
When people think of or speak on Daria Savannah, I want them to remember love and joy. I truly believe in genuinely loving people and being happy, I refuse to sulk about situations that only bring me negative energy, instead I see the lesson in each situation, learn from it and beat those obstacles next time! Life throws us some pretty hard battles, but every battle I have given to God and some way or another he has taken care of them for me. I want my legacy to reflect a girl who did it God’s way instead of theworld’s way, and won!


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