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10 Tips For Attending Blogging Events

For The Uninspired Woman: Attending your first blogging event can be somewhat daunting but fear not because I have created the best top 10 tips to have you ready and prepared for your event. Even if you’ve been to a few already these tips will have you prepared and feeling amazing! 


1. Preparation

Preparation is key and you’d be silly to turn up to an event with low battery on your phone or not enough space on your professional camera. 

We’re bloggers it’s what we do!,

Remember to also bring your business cards. If you’re going to a huge event where loads of people will be attending. A business card is the perfect way to meet, greet and exchange details. If your don’t have a business card dont worry but it’s something you should think about.

2. Dress to impress

Dress by House of CB

First impressions count in every situation. Dressing to impress doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing the most expensive item from Zara. It means making an effort to dress up by your standards. Make sure your clothes are ironed, make sure your wearing clothes that enhance your best features and ultimately make you feel good about yourself. This rule also goes for Hair & Make up.


3. Be educated in your content

When mingling with other bloggers it’s very likely that you’ll introduce yourself then discuss your content. Us bloggers are very passionate individuals and some of us don’t make money. Understanding your content, knowing what posts gets the best views, understanding the challenges you face makes for a  great conversation and you can also gain information and share information.

Lets strive together.


4. Have Fun


We are more alike than we are different. We are bloggers and some of us our shit scared to go to events by ourselves but at the end of the day. We all just want to mingle, take pictures, eat, drink and have a laugh.

It’s not that serious in fact it’s not serious. HAVE FUN


5. Take lots of pictures

I shouldn’t have to tell you this but when you’re at these type of events it’s really easy to live in the moment. But you’re a blogger and it’s in you’re job description to take pictures. You wont have time to make it look all pretty and you’ll want to take pictures with people you meet.

Some may not be photogenic so the more pictures you have the better.

6. Exchange details

Network your ass off. If you meet an amazing person that you want to collaborate with in the future then exchange details. Whether it’s an email address, social media sites, websites or their business card. Make an exchange!! 

7. Leave your day free on the day of the event. 

The event finishes at 6pm and you’ve met some amazing people. They all want to go for dinner afterwards and form real bonds and potential friendships but you can’t go because you’ve made plans to meet your best friend at 7pm.

Leave enough time for a cheeky dinner. It’s what happens at most events.



Unfortunately not everyone who plans an event is 100% honest which really sucks.

Have you ever seen an event advertised where they said they’ll be a photobooth, huge give-aways, Champagne, entertainment and goody bags ?

Then you arrive to no goody bags, no Champagne and crappy entertainment.

The thing about being a blogger is that these advertisements are not too good to be true. This is what is expected at these events after all we are influences. 

I have to be honest some people sell tickets at crazy prices and you’re left feeling disappointed. I’m just warning you that these things can happen!.

Please do your research check their websites, check their previous events, check their sponsors or just email them.


9. Goodybags are a real thing

The joys of testing and trying out new products is a real thing. Its something to look forward to I promise.

Last years Bloggers Ball.


10. Check out my event last summer im certified.


Last year in summer i held an event for Women in the creative industry.

We had live entertainment, motivational speech, Sponsors by a DJ Chest and Nadia Cupcakes. We also served pizza and wine. 

and Played Networking games.


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8 comments on “10 Tips For Attending Blogging Events

  1. Are you planning another event?!


  2. Bethanny Sudibyo

    I love this post! Do you have any tips on how to look for blogging events near you?


  3. These are some great tips! I have only ever been to one blogging event and it was so much fun. So true about knowing your own content to talk about!


  4. Jasmin N

    These are wonderful tips! I haven’t had time to attend any events even though I’ve been invited, perhaps one day haha! 😀


  5. This seems like a really cool post, I hope every blogger reads it, so many times I have seen people attending events for the heck and are totally unprepared. Being blogger one is responsible to convey the brand message properly


  6. These events look like so much fun! I’ve never been to a blogging event but I’m going to keep my eyes out for future opportunities to do so. 🙂 Thanks for the tips!!


  7. Wonderful tips! I’d love to participate and get to know other bloggers. 🙂 How you usually find these events? I mean I’ve got some emails sometimes but so far there has only been one relevant event.


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